Police made 96 football-related arrests in Euro 2020 -just 39 at final

REVEALED: Police only made 39 arrests at the Euro 2020 final at Wembley despite FIVE THOUSAND ticketless thugs storming the stadium, injuring 19 officers and forcing stewards and fans to run for cover

  • Home Office has released its annual statistics on football-related arrests
  • The report released on Thursday only records 39 arrests at the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy, despite an estimated 5,000 fans storming Wembley 
  • Nineteen police officers were injured in the violence that surrounded the game
  • Overall, the number of football-related arrests and banning orders was well down on previous levels for the 2020-21 season due to the Covid pandemic 

Police made 96 football-related arrests in connection to matches played at Wembley during the Euro 2020 tournament this summer, with all but six involving England games.

Incredibly, only 39 of those arrests related to the final between England and Italy, according to a Home Office report released today, when an estimated 5,000 people stormed the stadium,

The final between the Three Lions and the Italian team, which was won by Italy after a tense penalty shoot-out, was marred by violence outside and inside the stadium and became a national embarrassment.

A mass of England fans outside the stadium pushed at the barriers ahead of Euro 2020 final

An estimated 5,000 ticketless hooligans gained entry to the ground for the match on July 11, forcing their way through security gates and cordons, which led to ugly scenes on the concourses.

Stewards and fans had to run for cover as the security operation was overwhelmed in parts of Wembley.

Nineteen police officers were injured, including one who lost a tooth in the disorder, while another suffered a broken hand, Sky Sports reported after the game.

Video footage showed hordes of hooligans racing through concourses to grab a spare seat at Wembley, where capacity had been limited to 60,000 because of concerns over the transmission of coronavirus.

A group of football fans storm through the security barriers at Wembley as stewards desperately try to hold them back ahead of the Euro 2020 final at Wembley

Following the game, the Metropolitan Police came in for stinging criticism over how the high-profile match was managed and there were questions asked of the Football Association about preparations for the game.

A review of the events was launched by the FA, which was also charged by the European football governing body, UEFA, in relation to invasion of the field of play by supporters; throwing of objects; disturbance during the national anthem and lighting of a firework.

The Met Police, meanwhile, vowed to bring those responsible to justice and issued photographs of suspected offenders entering the stadium.

Huge crowds gathered outside Wembley, including many without tickets, before the final

However, the annual report into football arrests and banning orders, issued this morning by the Home Office, reports just 39 arrests in relation to the final.

Sportsmail has contacted the Metropolitan Police for comment on the number of arrests. 

In all, the report records 96 arrests for football-related offences at Euro 2020. Of these, 90 were at games played by England at Wembley.

In addition to the 39 arrests at the game against Italy, 28 were made in relation the group stage match against Scotland and 18 were connected to the semi-final against Denmark.

A further six arrests were made at the semi final between Italy and Spain, while two people were arrested at England games that were not part of the competition.

Overall, the number of football-related arrests and banning orders issued in England and Wales was significantly down on previous years due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

In total, there were 116 football-related arrests in connection with matches played last season with a further 24 made by the British Transport Police involving fans on the rail network.

Trouble at the stadium came after England fans flocked to Wembley in their thousands to be part of one of the biggest nights in English football history

In addition, 208 banning orders were handed out by the courts barring fans from attending stadiums. The bans last for a minimum of three years.

In total, there are currently 1,359 football banning orders in force in England and Wales. They are seen as an effective deterrent to offending behaviour around football.

A Home Office spokesperson said: ‘Football-related violence and disorder of any kind will not be tolerated.

‘We support police in taking action and are pleased over 1,300 Football Banning Orders have been issued to stop troublemakers from attending stadiums.

‘We are also taking action to tackle online racist abuse in football by seeking to amend legislation so that online abusers can be barred from stadiums in the same way violent thugs are barred from grounds.’

The report notes that all 2,978 scheduled matches were played in the 2020-21 season.

Of these, 2,766 (93 per cent) were played without spectators and 212 (seven per cent) were played at various reduced capacities. None were played at full capacity.

As a result, arrests in the season were around eight per cent of the 2018-19 campaign, when attendances were unaffected by the virus.

Football fans stormed through the security barriers at Wembley just moments ahead of England’s nail-biting fight against Italy, leading to Covid checks being abandoned

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