Paige Spiranac announces 'I just love showing them off' as she reveals why her boobs have gotten bigger in recent years | The Sun

PAIGE SPIRANAC has announced "I just love showing them off" after being asked about the size of her boobs.

The social media star revealed to her fans why her breasts have gotten bigger in recent years.

During an Instagram Q&A on Monday, Paige was asked by a follower: "Maybe a different question, we know that we are real… but were they always that big?"

Appearing in a busty floral top, the former professional golfer answered: "This is actually a really popular question when I was doing the throwback stories a couple of days ago.

"People were like 'your body looks different and they look small'.

"Yeah, well I weighed significantly less and since they are real they change depending on weight loss and weight gained.


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"Since I have gained more weight, they have got bigger. Also being on birth control, I wasn't on birth control back then.

"So there a bunch of different changes, hormonal and weight gained that make them change size.

"You'll even see that, too much information, during my cycle they get bigger or smaller.

"Body changes, and they change. I just like to show them off."

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Paige was asked about the size of her boobs by a fanCredit: Instagram @_paige.renee
The social media star is often asked if her boobs are realCredit: Instagram/_paige.renee

Paige had been asked earlier in the Q&A if her boobs were real, a query she regularly gets from fans.

Her 3.8million followers are regularly treated to busty snaps on her feed as well as golf tips and tutorials.

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The upload came after Paige had joined the no bra club during another visit to the course.

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