Nike unveil new 'Back to the Future' self-lacing shoe, costing an eye-watering £270

The sports clothing giants have made the future a reality with their innovate new sneaker, said to be the "end of the shoelace".

Nike released their new "smart shoe" on Tuesday morning, set to be worn by some of the biggest names in basketball.

Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum is set to become the first NBA star to give the self-lacing shoe a run out on the court, in their game against the Toronto Raptors.

Speaking at today's launch, Nike’s Michael Donahue said: "Hey, it's 2019. We are living in an era of aerospace materials, 3D making and design.

"Yet for fit, we still depend on the common shoelace. So today, we're launching a smart shoe for the perfect fit.

"Say goodbye to the shoelace, this means instant customisation for your feet.

"Above all this is about performance. It's going to provide unrivalled lockdown, un-compromised fit, feel and traction.

"Not only is this really cool, it's a big shift for our whole company and the industry."

On their website, Nike describe the shoe as "the future of footwear", adding: "It lights up. It senses you.

"It adjusts to the shape of your foot and activity at the touch of a button – so you always get the perfect fit."

The sneakers boast "electric adaptable reaction lacing" – simply meaning once the shoe is on, it will fit perfectly to the contours of your feet at the touch of a button.

Speaking about how it works, Nike continue: "A small engine inside the midsole pulls the laces to tighten the Flyknit and quad-axial mesh upper.

"As Nike FitAdapt technology has evolved, the engine has become smaller and lighter, enabling more applications across more sports."

You can also pair technology such as smart-phones with the shoes in order to better track performance.

You're even able to change the colour of the lit-up buttons on the midsole using the Nike Adapt app.

When you're done playing on the court, rather than sticking the shoes by the doorstep, instead throw them on a charging pad to ensure the batteries powering the laces doesn't fun flat.

Nike released self-lacing shoes in 2016, based on the exact ones worn by Marty McFly in Back To The Future II.

However, few were made and even fewer sold, with Nike admitted it was something of a gimmick.

You can find pairs of the first generation of self-lacing shoes online for over £40,000, making the next-gen new releases a bargain at just £270.

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