Motorcycle racer grabs rival’s brake at 140 mph

This is the incredible moment a Moto2 star grabbed his opponent’s brake lever during a high-speed race.

Romano Fenati was disqualified from the event in Misano, Italy, following the heart-stopping incident at 140 miles per hour. His behavior was described as “irresponsible” by Moto2 chiefs, and Fenati could yet face further discipline as a result of his actions.

Viewers couldn’t believe their eyes when they watched Fenati speed along a straight side-by-side with opponent Stefano Manzi. Despite their blistering speed, Fenati somehow managed to reach over with one hand and grab Manzi’s brakes. It caused a wobble in his opponent’s bike, and it’s nothing short of a miracle that the incident didn’t lead to a bad accident.

Former MotoGP rider Colin Edwards slammed Fenati’s behavior, claiming the rider had “put somebody’s life in danger.”

He told BT Sport: “This is unbelievable … are you kidding me? That’s where you tell him, ‘Go pack your bag and we’ll see you next year.’ That’s ridiculous.”

It’s not the first time Fenati has been in hot water. He was released by Valentino Rossi’s Sky VR46 program in 2016 for “behavior not in line with the disciplinary rules of the team.”

Fenati was also criticized for switching off an opponent’s engine during a practice start a year earlier and has been known to lash out at other riders.

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