Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr sells more than 1.2MILLION PPVs in US raking in staggering £45m

MIKE TYSON'S exhibition fight with Roy Jones Jr sold more than 1.2million pay-per-views in the US, raking in a whopping £45m.

Fans had to stump up £37.50 ($50) in the States to watch the bout from home.

It means around 350,000 more people paid to watch the veterans slug it out than the 850,000 who splashed out for Tyson Fury's win over Deontay Wilder in February, as reported by Adam Catterall.

However, Fury vs Wilder 2 brought in around £51m due to the £60 pay-per-view price.

Tyson, 54, is understood to have pocketed around £7.5m for his 16 minutes of work on Saturday night.

That worked out as £937,500 per round, £468,500 per minute and £7,812 per second.

Jones Jr's purse was not far behind, either.

The duo, with a combined age of 105, equalled each other out to secure a draw in Los Angeles.

After the result was announced, Tyson said: "I'm good with a draw, because I entertained the crowd, the crowd was happy with it.”

And he then confirmed he will 'absolutely' step back into the boxing ring again.

Iron Mike added: "I’m just happy I got this under my belt.

“I’m continuing to go further and do more. Absolutely [I’ll do this again]."

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