Man City fans brand Liam Gallagher ‘Judas’ for casting Man United legend Eric Cantona in new music video – The Sun

MAN City fans have branded Liam Gallagher a “Judas” for casting Man United legend Eric Cantona in a new music video.

Blues supporter Liam, 47, shared a clip of the ex-French ace playing a king in the five-minute skit.

The former Oasis frontman even acts as a butler and chauffeur to Cantona.

Angry fans accused him of being a “closet Red”.

Others used Liam’s estranged brother Noel as ammunition against him, with Chris Etchingham tweeting: “What an absolute sell-out, Noel would never reduce himself to having a Red in his video.”

Nick Elliot added: “City fans as big as you claim you are do not associate with Man United legends.”

Cantona, 53 — who played for United from 1992-7 — swigs wine and walks around a plush estate in silk robes in the video for the song Once.

Liam has previously blamed the Red Devils’ treble trophy winning 1998-9 season for wrecking his life.

Liam said: “As long as United are f****d I’m happy man. They made me a Londoner, they ruined my f*****g life in the 90s. Damn the f*****s.”

He also referred to ex-player Paul Scholes as a “little fart” and said the club’s decision to pay £80m for Leicester’s Harry Maguire was “ridiculous”.

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