Liverpool construction worker asked to leave Anfield after filming

EXCLUSIVE: Liverpool construction worker is asked to leave Anfield building site after behind the scenes videos of their new £80m 16,000-seat stand leaked

  • The club shared footage of the old roof being taken off the stand on Thursday
  • Work at the club is expected to last the off-season but could effect next term
  • Reds have requested their first fixture away next season to make sure its ready 

A construction worker redeveloping Liverpool’s Anfield Road stand, who claimed to have been sacked for posting videos online, was asked to leave the site today after leaking a behind-the-scenes video of the work in progress. 

Kev Moore is one of the workers tasked with working on increasing the capacity of the storied ground to 61,000, which started in 2021. 

Liverpool released a video on June 8 of the off-season work that showed the 282-tonne roof of the stand being lifted off by four large cranes. 

The work, which is set to cost £80million, will add 7,000 new seats to Liverpool’s home ground, but the club are in a race against time to ensure that Jurgen Klopp’s side can compete in the stadium at the start of next season. 

The club has requested that their opening match of the season be played away from home, to allow them more time to make the finishing touches ahead of the stand’s unveiling at the start of the 2023-24 season. 

The video showed off the view from the upper tier, which Moore compared to ‘Newcastle away’

Kev Moore shared that was sacked from working Liverpool’s stand redevlopment after filming a behind-the-scenes video

Moore shared a video claiming he had been sacked after the video circulated on social media on Wednesday, posting the clip alongside the message: ‘Sacked by (Liverpool) for a video I didn’t post. 

‘No idea how it got so big so quick’.

When approached for comment, Liverpool confirmed that they did not sack Moore, nor did they request his company, Buckingham Group Contracting, to sack him.

However, Buckingham Group Contracting have a staff policy that states that phones are not allowed on site except for work purposes, which in filming his videos, Moore will have found himself in violation of. 

A source close to the company claimed that the Moore had not been sacked, but had been sent home for the rest of the day instead. 

In Moore’s initial video, the construction worker shows off his view from the upper tier, commenting on the steepness of the stand’s stairs. 

‘Look at the view of the pitch,’ Moore adds. ‘You’re in the f****** nosebleeds here. Like Newcastle away’. 

He then zooms in on a tour taking place at the ground, before panning around the terraces, showing how ‘it’s taking shape’. 

When saying farewell to the site, Moore filmed bare levels where additional seating will fit in

Initially, the video was taken down, but Moore reposted the video to his Twitter account on Wednesday after his dismissal.  

In a second video, posted in the wake of being asked to leave for the day, Moore said: ‘Apparently, Liverpool have been in contact with the builder about the video’. 

Moore breaks off, warning passing colleagues ‘not to get in the video or you’ll get sacked’. 

As he walks through the site, saying goodbye to colleagues, he says: ‘I asked about the tonne of bricks that fell from the sixth lift of the scaffold – but it’s me making videos, sitting on my break (that’s the problem)’. 

Moore appeared in high spirits as he tells his colleagues that he’s ‘making his last video’. 

With some awareness of the situation, this news is met with raucous laughter.  

Liverpool released new drone footage of the development on the stand on Thursday June 8

Four cranes helped remove the old roof of the stand, with the new one now towering over it

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