Kristian Blummenfelt's all-white kit raises eyebrows on social media

Norway’s triathlon hero Kristian Blummenfelt raises eyebrows after his all-white uniform became see-through following the swimming leg in Tokyo… with viewers joking the designers should be ‘SACKED’ and comparing him to Superman

  • Kristian Blummenfelt surged clear in the men’s triathlon to take the gold medal 
  • His display saw him beat Team GB’s Alex Yee but his uniform raised eyebrows 
  • The all-white design saw his kit quickly become see-through after the swimming 
  • Social media users shared their views and even compared him to a superhero 
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Norway’s men’s triathlon hero Kristian Blummenfelt endured a bizarre wardrobe malfunction during his superb dash to glory due to the revealing nature of his outfit.

Blummenfelt took the gold medal in Tokyo after a punishing contest, which saw him fall through the finishing tape after one hour 45 minutes and four seconds.  

His display left viewers in awe, especially after his jaw-dropping breakaway late on in the scorching, stifling heat, but his uniform has also rightly been questioned.

Norway’s Kristian Blummenfelt won the men’s triathlon but his uniform has attracted attention

After the gruelling swimming leg, Blummenfelt was left drenched in water and sweat for the rest of the event, and his all-white suit suddenly became see through.

That meant his black trunks were visible, a sight that left social media users bemused and sparked them to take aim at its designers in comical fashion.

According to one account, the commentary during the triathlon joked that the person in charge of putting together the kit ‘needs to be sacked’.

Social media users criticised the kit, which was see through after the gruelling swimming leg

‘They are of course his swimmers under there,’ the pundit then added, before comparing Blummenfelt to Superman.

‘Superman wears his underpants on the outside. They’ve got it wrong haven’t they?’ 

Another account said: ‘Whoever designed Norway’s triathlon kit for #TokyoOlympics2021 must have been inspired by Captain Underpants.

‘Amazing finish by Blummenfelt though. Clearly the superhero outfit worked!’ 

‘Could they not make the bottom half of Norway’s triathlon uniform the same colour?’ a third asked, sharing a snap of the unfortunate gold medallist.

Meanwhile, another wrote: ‘Norway have gone for proper “don’t trust that fart” tri suits haven’t they? Risky business.’

‘Did Norway think to test their triathlon uniform in water?’ a fifth then questioned. 

But Blummenfelt will not have been bothered at all by his appearance, having crossed the line clear of Team GB’s Alex Yee to triumph in stunning fashion.

Alex Yee (right) of Great Britain clinched the silver medal after starring on his Olympics debut 

Yee, on his debut at the Olympics, led for most of the 10km run but Blummenfelt fought back to surge beyond him and finish 11 seconds clear.

Jonny Brownlee, also of Great Britain, finished fifth.

‘I am just a normal guy from south-east London – dreams really do come true,’ Yee told BBC Sport after sealing silver.

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