Jadon Sancho is the perfect footballer – and the only player who has made me stand still in awe the first time I saw him in action

THE first time I saw Jadon Sancho he made me stand still. And that’s never happened before.

It was when he was playing for the England Under-17s against Norway in the European Championships.

I was in the gym, on the running machine, with the television on. But after 15 minutes I stopped running to watch it more closely.

I would normally never do that. I am focused on my run. Yet I wanted to know more about this wonderful guy I’d seen playing.

I didn’t know him at all, or who he played for, only his surname.

But from that moment I could see he was fantastic. I only needed to watch for 15 minutes to know. That was enough.

He is a natural footballer, who loves to play on the left wing but has unbelievable talent.

Sancho is a player who has everything. He has fantastic speed, great technique, a good eye for his colleagues and that key pass.

Everything he does he pulls off at high speed at the right moment.

For me he is a perfect player. The ability he has is instinctive, natural. You cannot teach that brilliance.

What is clear is that he loves just playing football, loves the ball. He is not thinking about money, about the next Ferrari he can buy. He looks to have both feet on the ground.

He arrived in Dortmund as a 17-year-old, leaving England for the first time. He was away from his home and family for the first time.

Dortmund gave him time. Now, when he plays, he makes the difference and excites everyone.

They bought him for only £7m. And they know that in three or four years time, when it is right for Sancho to move on, they will get an awful lot more than that.

For the next two years he should concentrate on getting into the Under-21 side, play games and learn about international competition.

That is better for his development than going into the senior squad and sitting on the bench.

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