Jack Grealish appears worse for wear on night out and is 'turned away'

Footage emerges of Manchester City and England star Jack Grealish being ‘turned away from a bar for being too drunk’ on a night out with team-mates, two months after being dropped for turning up to training in poor condition

  • Jack Grealish was seen out with Man City team-mates in video posted online
  • Clip appeared to show England international being refused entry to a bar
  • Grealish was previously dropped ‘for not being in the right condition’ 
  • And he seemed worse for wear, being assisted along by a man alongside him 

Footage has emerged of Manchester City and England star Jack Grealish appearing worse for wear, apparently being refused entry from a bar on a night out. 

In a clip shared on TikTok, the £100million star is seen on a night out with team-mates Kyle Walker and Riyad Mahrez in the vicinity.

He is being helped by another member of the entourage who is supporting him by linking arms.  

Jack Grealish was seen being supported by a member of his entourage on a night out 

The Manchester City and England star appeared to be worse for wear outside an establishment

The video posted by Mizormalc is captioned: ‘Man like Jacky too drunk to get in’. 

The person filming can also be overheard saying: ‘Jack’s burst, he’s not allowed inside, look at him, Jack’s burst.’ 

Grealish is seen in a white hoodie outside the establishment with a number of other people around him, appears to have a brief exchange of words and then walks away. 

Manchester City have a Premier League game against Brentford at home on Tuesday evening.  

The midfielder is risking the ire of his manager Pep Guardiola less than two months after he was dropped along with Phil Foden for ‘not turning up to a recovery session in the right condition’. 

Riyad Mahrez (white cap) was seen in the video but did not seem to be in the same condition

England and City team-mate Kyle Walker was also briefly seen in the footage (blue cap)

Grealish is risking the anger of his manager Pep Guardiola, who dropped him in December

They were benched by the manager for a game and afterwards he revealed it was not simply a matter of rotating his squad. 

The Spaniard had allowed his team some time to let their hair down after a seven-goal thrashing of Leeds in December. 

Guardiola was away from the club at the time having attended Serio Aguero’s retirement announcement, but other staff members were left unimpressed by Foden and Grealish’s behaviour. 

After benching the duo, he explained: ‘I decided this team because they deserved to play — these guys and not the other ones.

£100million-man Grealish is risking the ire of his Man City manager Pep Guardiola (left)

It comes less than two months after he was dropped along with Phil Foden (left) for ‘not turning up to a recovery session in the right condition’

‘At Christmas time I pay a lot of attention to behaviour on and off the pitch. And when (behaviour) off the pitch is not proper, they are not going to play.’

Grealish is no stranger to off-the-pitch scrapes and made headlines back in March 2020 having crashed his car into two stationary vehicles after a party held during lockdown. 

The incident happened just hours after Grealish posted a video urging them to ‘Protect the NHS. Stay home. Save lives.’

He was banned from driving for nine months and fined £82,499.

Grealish was also dropped from Villa selection by then-manager Remi Garde in 2015, after a boozy night out at Manchester nightclub Panacea. 

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