ITV ‘rival BT Sport and Sky with bid to restore Champions League to terrestrial TV’ – The Sun

ITV and Sky could try to reclaim Champions League coverage from BT Sport, a report says.

With Uefa unhappy at low viewing figures, The Times suggest ITV are weighing up an offer to bring Europe's top domestic tournament back to terrestrial television.

BT's exclusive reign could end in 2021 after they paid a huge £1.18billion two years to ago to extend rights they won in 2015.

ITV and Sky shared the rights until four years ago when BT produced a stunning bid.

And if ITV put together another proposal for 2021-2024 it is likely to be similar to their last coverage – showing one or two midweek games, with pay TV broadcasting the other match.

The Champions League final is still free to air as it is a listed event under Government rules.

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