Inside the glitzy world of Jack Grealish and girlfriend Sasha Attwood who are fast turning into the new Posh and Becks

WHEN it comes to football and fashion, Posh and Becks have always been top of the league.

But now the seemingly untouchable golden couple of David and Victoria Beckham have a serious rival. . . Sash and Jacks.

Jack Grealish, 26, and his glamourous girlfriend Sasha Attwood, 25, could be the Greal thing when it comes to footie’s new super couple.

Jack got a glimpse of the Posh and Becks-style mania coming his way at this summer’s Euros.

When he threw his England shirt into the crowd after a match a gang of grown men clamoured to grab it.

Fast forward to today and the swaggering playmaker — who became the most expensive British footballer in history following his £115million move from Aston Villa to Manchester City — is so mobbed by fans that he is having to move out of his swanky apartment.

And his model girlfriend Sasha has just landed her first major fashion deal.


In the space of a few short months, following his historic transfer, Jack’s star status has turned meteoric.

A source said: “Jack had been living in a nice apartment in Manchester but recently fans have started to congregate outside.

“It’s all very innocent and those who have been waiting around adore Jack and want to get pictures and autographs. But for safety he has now relocated.”

It comes on the back of Sasha revealing she had received up to 200 death threats a day from jealous and abusive fans, some as young as 13, during the Euros.

The source added: “Looking at the bigger picture, it’s not ideal that people know their building, especially given the threats Sasha has endured.”

It is easy to see the similarities between this golden pairing and Goldenballs and Victoria.

Jack — who wears the No7 shirt for England, just as Becks did — even wears his hair in a style his idol used to sport.

Jack said: “He’s iconic. Everyone in England loves Beckham.

“That said, my hair wasn’t inspired by him. It’s long and during games, when I get sweaty and my hair gets wet, it would end up going over my face too much. That’s why I started wearing a headband.”

Jack and Sasha now find themselves walking the same path as Posh and Becks, having moved from their £1.7million home in Worcester to Manchester, where Becks played for United for 11 years.

But it is off the pitch that the young couple, who met as teenagers at school in Solihull, West Mids, are resembling Posh and Becks.

He’s iconic. Everyone in England loves Beckham.

Yesterday we revealed Sasha has just scored a big-money deal as the face of online clothing brand, Boohoo.

Jack had already been snapped up to promote Boohoo Men.

Known for wearing rolled-down socks on the pitch, the lad certainly has his own style.

And like that other footballing style icon, Jack also admits he has worn some questionable outfits in the past. He particularly regrets a “yellow and blue T-shirt and then some pink sunglasses, which weren’t the best, but I suppose that’s what I thought was in style at the time”.

Becks, who famously wore a sarong, once admitted he regretted “most of” his fashion faux pas, adding “but they were right at the time”.

Jack and Sasha might not be wearing Posh and Becks-style matching leather outfits (yet), but they are heading in the right direction.

One source told The Sun: “Jack and Sasha are being jokingly called the new Posh and Becks by some of his mates because of their fashion deals.

“He is the man of the moment in football but he’s got plenty of female fans too, and with Sasha, those around them think they could become a new power couple. They’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.”


When Jack appeared on the cover of SWM, Sports World Magazine, this summer, his signature locks slicked back, smouldering into the camera, he could have been Becks’s double.

The world is at his feet and the offers will continue to pour in for all manner of deals — just as they did for Becks.

The 46-year-old has racked up endorsements with the likes of fashion brand Armani and high street firm H&M, as well as Haig Club whisky, plus his £113million lifetime contract with Adidas.

Jack is now one of the most searched-for sportsmen in the UK, with research showing there are more than 200,000 Google searches of his name every month.

He has a sponsorship deal with sports giant Nike and, even before his megabucks move to Man City, he was at the centre of a four-way bidding war with rivals Adidas, Under Armour and Puma.

Sasha, who has 96,000 followers on Instagram, is signed to Industry Model Management.

Posh was 23 when she first met David in the Manchester United players’ lounge in 1997, and as one fifth of pop sensations the Spice Girls, she was more famous at the time.

Jack and Sasha are being jokingly called the new Posh and Becks by some of his mates because of their fashion deals.

There were secret dates in car parks and snatched liaisons at hotels.

When they finally went public, everyone wanted a slice of the couple.

There was a frenzy over their £1million wedding the following July, which was splashed across the pages of a glossy magazine.

Jack and Sasha have been able to let their on/off relationship grow in private. Now, like Posh and Becks before them, their romance will be played out in public.

We revealed in August that Jack’s profile on celebrity dating site Raya was still active, despite the fact that a month earlier, Sasha had been cheering him on at the Euros final at Wembley.

He also set tongues wagging for being seen with ex-Love Islander Ellie Brown on a night out in Manchester, but she was quick to explain they had simply bumped into each other.

Sasha cleared up their relationship status this month when she posted a series of loved-up selfies of the pair on Jack’s 26th birthday, and posted: “Happy birthday my babe, loving you always.”

But even Posh and Becks had their troubles. Remember Rebecca Loos?
Becks’s former PA claimed they had an affair, although he always denied it.

And while we all like to think of Becks as a clean-cut national treasure, even heroes slip up.

In 2019 he was banned from driving for six months for using his mobile at the wheel.

Jack was also slapped with a nine-month ban and fined more than £80,000 after pleading guilty to two counts of careless driving in March and October 2020.

If there is one other element to becoming the new Posh and Becks, it’s having famous pals.

Last month Jack was pictured with Ed Sheeran, who is also close pals with the Beckhams.

They have also rubbed shoulders with some of the world’s biggest names, from the Kardashians to Elton John to Prince William.

Jack, on the other hand, hangs out with Love Islanders and Corrie actor Andy Whyment.

But now they’re on their way to inheriting the Beckhams’ crown, Jack and Sasha will start to move in very A-list circles.

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