Inside Manny Pacquiao’s £7m Manila mansion where boxing star had to isolate after partying with coronavirus victim – The Sun

BOXING legend Manny Pacquiao's £7million mansion oozes luxury and features a huge dining table and swimming pool.

The Filipino fighter is plotting his return to the ring and could probably afford to add another wing to his house if he can down Terence Crawford.

Mikey Garcia is also an option for a contest in May as the 42-year-old sets up a comeback contest.

A match-up with Conor McGregor was also touted last year, when Pacquiao found himself in a spot of pandemic bother.

Koko Pimentel, a Filipino senator and leading figure in the country's ruling party, was seen at the residence in the Manila borough of Makati last spring, shortly before testing positive for coronavirus.

Pacquiao, now also a senator in the Philippines, was sent a letter that instructed him and his family to self-isolate.

Pacquiao's property on the outskirts of the capital city has been his home since 2012, when he bought it for £7m.

The amazing mansion, which features a tennis court, pool and large dining room, is also home to his wife Jinkee and their five children.

Errol Spence Jr has also been floated as a possible opponent for the ring king, although Pacquiao's strength and conditioning trainer, Justin Fortune, believes such a fight would be one sided.

He told SunSport: "Spence is a great fighter and a good champion, but he's not the same guy that he was before, not at all.

"We saw that when he fought Danny Garcia. Everyone raves about how hard Spence punches, well Danny Garcia came through 12 rounds.

"Danny Garcia also never pulled the trigger that night, or else Danny would probably have beaten him, I think. You put Spence in there with someone like Pacquiao now, Pacquiao obliterates him, even at 42-years-old.

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