Ian Wright criticises slating of female football pundits and admits to loving atmosphere at women's games

IAN WRIGHT says he is embarrassed by the trolling of female pundits covering football matches on television. 

And the Arsenal legend admitted to enjoying the “vibe” amongst spectators who attended the 2019 Women’s World Cup. 

Wright, who is a women’s football fan, was speaking on the 50th episode of The Game Changers podcast. 

And the Premier League icon – who scored 128 goals during his trophy-laden Gunners career – said the knowledge of pundits like Lianne Sanderson has inspired him to “up his game”. 

Wright, 57, said: “When they're on the television if they say anything wrong they're taken to the cleaners. People want them cancelled and it's unfair.

“I'm embarrassed by it…. I feel for them because they’ve got no wiggle room

“When women come on, they know that they are under amazing pressure because people are looking to find fault with anything they say. So they're very, very prepared.

“I was on with Lianne Sanderson the other day it was a joy. She knows so much. They've made me up my game. 

“When you listen to what they say, they make you have to research more. And that's what it's about. 

“So they shouldn't be put off by it because they're doing the work to be on there. They deserve to be on there.”

Wright, who often shares his opinions on WSL match action, has fond memories of watching the Lionesses reach the 2019 Women’s World Cup semis.

And the ex-Three Lions striker, who made 121 Arsenal appearances from1991 to 1998, admitted to enjoying the mood amongst spectators who flocked to the tournament in Paris. 

Wright added: “What I do love about the women's game is the ambience of the fans. 


“It's a whole different vibe to the way the fans behave in the men's game. It's more friendly – it feels lovely. 

“And it's the kind of atmosphere where you can bring your daughters too.”

 "I see great skill in the women's game. I see great skill in the men's game and I love them both in equal measure.” 


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