George gets his hands on the Wimbledon trophy

‘It’s a bit heavy!’ George gets his hands on the Wimbledon trophy – but quickly passes it over to his mother Kate – as young Prince gives Novak Djokovic a big thumbs up after he romps to victory against Kyrgios in the men’s final

  • Djokovic was spotted shaking hands with Prince William after having his name added to the honours board
  • Serbian handed the trophy to George with Sue Barker exclaiming ‘Oh no! Look at that. That’s special isn’t it’
  • However, after Kate pointed to the infamous pineapple, George said ‘It’s a bit heavy!’ and handed it over
  • Tennis enthusiast Prince George, eight, put on an animated display for his first Wimbledon attendance ever 
  • Kate wore a navy polka dot dress from Alessandra Rich as she made her third appearance at the tournament 

Prince George laid his hands on one of the most sought after prizes in tennis today – The Gentlemen’s Singles Trophy – after watching Novak Djokovic beat Nick Kyrgios on Centre Court in the Wimbledon’s Men’s Singles final.

The Serbian ace was spotted shaking hands with Prince William and the young royal, eight, shortly after having his name added to the honours board in the All England Club for the seventh time. 

As Prince George beamed and gave the victor a big thumbs up during live BBC coverage, Djokovic handed the trophy to the tennis enthusiast with Sue Barker exclaiming ‘Oh no! Look at that. That’s special isn’t it.’ 

However, after the Duchess of Cambridge pointed to the infamous pineapple and having had chance to peruse the engraved winners, Prince George said ‘It’s a bit heavy!’ and handed it over to his mother. 

It comes after Prince George put on an animated display in the Royal box alongside Kate and William hiding his face, laughing and wincing as he watched the action unfold on the pitch. 

He was filmed arriving at the club earlier today, before he was led inside by his mother Kate Middleton, 40. The father-of-three gave his eldest a big hug and a kiss on the cheek as they saw each other. 

Kate wore a £1,335 navy polka dot dress from Alessandra Rich as she made her third appearance at the tournament this week, as she and Prince William arrived with George, to watch the nail-biting final from the Royal Box. 

Prince George laid his hands on one of the most sought after prizes in tennis today – The Gentlemen’s Singles Trophy – after watching Novak Djokovic beat Nick Kyrgios on Centre Court in the Wimbledon’s Men’s Singles final

The Serbian ace was spotted shaking hands with Prince William and the young royal, eight, shortly after having his name added to the honours board in the All England Club for the seventh time

As Prince George beamed and gave the victor a big thumbs up during live BBC coverage, Djokovic handed the trophy to the tennis enthusiast with Sue Barker exclaiming ‘Oh no! Look at that. That’s special isn’t it.’

However, after the Duchess of Cambridge pointed to the infamous pineapple and having had chance to peruse the engraved winners, Prince George said ‘It’s a bit heavy!’ and handed it over to his mother

George’s ace day out! Prince George, eight, gave his mother his biggest smiles of the day as he watched the men’s final with his parents at Wimbledon today

The young tennis fan, who was completely lost in the game, gave the rest of the spectators a wave during his day out with his parents

After a quick break from his seat, Prince George returned to the box to watch the end of the Wimbledon game unfold 

An amused Prince George pointed out to something that caught his attention on the court, as a sunglasses clad William looked on 

The Duchess of Cambridge (R), hands the winner’s trophy to Novak Djokovic after defeating Nick Kyrgios during the men’s singles final tennis match

Watching from the Royal Box’s front row, sat between his parents, the young Prince was completely sucked into the performance put out by the two aces this afternoon.  

Today was a big day for George, who is an avid tennis fan just like his mother, and once trained with Roger Federer. 

The young Prince arrived at the club with his mother Kate Middleton this morning. 

There, the pair met Wimbledon’s chairman Ian Hewitt, who shook George’s hand, before the youngster was reunited with his father Prince William, 40, who was waiting further inside. 

The royal couple waved after taking place in their front row seat, keeping Prince George between moments before the game started 

Kate and William were seen doting on their eldest son, talking him through the important moments of the game and the different strategies employed by each player 

Mother-of-three Kate Middleton was seen sharing a wide smile with her son as the pair watched the game play out on the court 

Kate Middleton led the way as quiet George followed his mother to his front row seat in the royal box, ready to watch the action unfold 

Kate Middleton hands the runner up plate to Kyrgios after he lost to Djokovic in the men’s singles final tennis match at Wimbledon

The young Prince was seen rubbing his face and his eyes repeatedly as temperatures soared around the country this afternoon 

Kate looked eager to watch her eldest son’s every reaction as she introduced him to his first Wimbledon final this afternoon 

Whoops! The cheeky royal was seen rubbing his nose when the game hit a quiet moment while his mother looked away

The young royal and his mother put on a very animated display as they watched Djokovic win the second set after Kyrgios snapped the first one 

With the third set heating up, Prince George was seen pulling even more faces, losing himself in the game this Sunday afternoon 

Kate hands the winner’s trophy to Djokovic on the fourteenth day of the 2022 Wimbledon Championships

Can’t bear to look! While the action – and the temperatures ! – heated up at Wimbledon, George hid his eyes behind his hands while Kate laughed 

Mr Hewitt personally escorted the family to a secluded area, as they waited to take their seats in the Royal Box, meeting with officials and young Wimbledon staff on the way.

Speaking of their practice session together at the time, Federer said: ‘When questioned by reporters about his knockabout with George, Federer said: ‘At that stage it’s all about just touch the ball, it’s already good.’

Back in 2016, when he was only four years old, doting mother Kate hinted that Prince George could be a future Wimbledon star when she revealed that he had a racket and was already playing tennis. 

She told Briton Greg Rusedski, who was in the men’s invitational doubles, that George has already taken an interest in the game, despite being just two years old.

Rusedski said after meeting her: ‘She talked about George, her little boy, playing tennis.’

Asked what she said, Rusedski said: ‘He’s got a racket and he enjoys playing tennis, and obviously she plays with William…’

Prince George could not help but pull a few faces as he watched the two aces put on a very fierce performances this afternoon 

As the young royal rubbed his eyes in the Wimbledon heat, both doting parents Kate and William took a minute to check in with him 

Today’s Men’s Single final saw Novak Djokovic win over Australia’s Kyrgios in a highly emotional match, with the Serbian ace clutching his 21st Grand Slam title

The royals had the best seats in the place and were only a few metres above the court. They had front row seats to Nick Kyrgios’ strong reactions 

Like mother like son! Kate seemed delighted to share her love of tennis with her eldest son, who was as taken by the game as she was 

Tennis fan Kate seemed amused to see how seriously her eldest son was taking the game, clutching his hands together in anticipation of the players’ next move 

The young Prince put on an animated display as he got sucked into the powerful game played by Djokovic and Kyrgios in Wimbledon today 

The Duchess was overcome with emotions as the final played out and was seen gasping, cheering and gasping as the game rolled on 

Nail-biting action! The young royal was seen holding his hands together and biting his lips as he watched Djokovic and Kyrgios play

Kate took the opportunity to chat to former world No. 1, American tennis player Chris Evert while Djokovic went for a comfort break, two hours into the game 

The mother and son both put on an animated display as they watched the action unfold on Centre Court in Wimbledon this afternoon 

Grinning Kate Middleton seemed amused by the antics her eldest son pulled, hiding his face as he got sucked into the action on the court 

Kate Middleton appeared as though she was explaining something to Prince George, who looked like he was listening intently as she spoke to him

Father and son: Prince William, wearing dark shades to protect his eyes from the sun’s glare, sat next to his tennis-loving son George in the Royal Box

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took their seats in the Royal Box, with their eldest child, Prince George, sitting between them

The young royal put on an animated display as Serbian Djokovic and the Australian Kyrgios battled it out on Centre Court today 

The eight-year-old avid tennis fan hid his eyes as he was sucked into the performance both tennis aces were putting out this afternoon

The young royal, who has been described as a tennis fan, looked on intently during the Wimbledon final between Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios

Doting father Prince William pointed out to something on the court, while George smiled on what is his first ever time attending Wimbledon 

Mother-of-three Kate explained some of the games’ rules to her eldest son as they started to watch the game together this afternoon

Beaming Kate! The mother-of-three looked delighted to have her eight-year-old son next to her for the Wimbledon’s Men final today

The Duchess of Cambridge looked gorgeous in her Alessandra Rich dress and her sapphire and diamond jewellery from Princess Diana  

Kate is an avid tennis fan and is a frequent fixture at Wimbledon in her role as Patron of the All England Club.

The family even have a court at their country home, Anmer Hall in Norfolk.

In April, the Duchess was spotted enjoying a spot of tennis with her children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis at the exclusive Hurlingham Club, in Fulham, where annual membership costs from £1,600-a-year.

The Duchess has incorporated tennis into a number of royal engagements, most recently joining Emma Raducanu on court for a homecoming victory match following her US Open win.

Avid fan Kate was seen talking George through what was unfolding on the court after the Cambridges took their seat in the box 

Holding on to his programme, George gave his father Prince William an excited smile as they settled down in their seats 

The royal couple were led to the Royal box by Wimbledon chairman Ian Hewitt, who was walking closely to Prince George 

Kate was the epitome of Wimbledon chic in her doted navy dresses from Alessandra Rich. Meanwhile, both George and William looked very dapper 

Prince William smiled as he watch his son give their fellow tennis fans at wave at Wimbledon this afternoon, while Kyrgios and Djokovic prepared to face off 

The young royal gave cheering fans a wave after he and his parents too their seats next to Ian Hewitt in the front row of the box 

Waiting for the game to start! Prince George sized in the court and took in the atmosphere as he and his parents waiting for the game to start 

The eight-year-old listened carefully as his stylish mother talked to him about the way the Tournament works and the game 

Led by Ian Hewitt, Kate and George, who wore a matching shade of blue, eagerly made their way to their seat as the game was about to start

Royal Box: the highly-regarded seats at Wimbledon were filled with high profile guests today, including Kate Middleton, Prince William, and their son Prince George

The stylish mother-of-three was the picture of chic as she wore the ruffled dress from Alessandra Rich, a designer she’s favoured recently 

As the game started, the three royals took in the atmosphere, smiling with excitement as they got the hottest ticket of the season  

Prince William pointed George’s attention to the action of the court, talking him through the specificities of game, while his son listened smiling

The Duke of Cambridge looked delighted to have his son watch the final live with him, and George partook in his father’s joy today

Give them a wave, son! Prince William pointed and smiled as the young royal waved at fans ahead of the game this afternoon

The Cambridges were beaming today, with George particularly excited to get to witness the game with his own eyes rather than at home 

A beaming Prince William waved at fans who were cheering from their seat while George sat quietly between his mother and his father 

Kate Middleton leaned towards her son as the family got ready to watch the gave, enjoying the July sun in Wimbledon today 

The royals soaked up the sun as they waited to watch Djokovic chase his 14th Grand Slam title, and Kyrgios try to win his first. 

Mother-of-three Kate, who will have a front row seat when the game starts, was seen doting over her eldest son.

Kate is patron of the Lawn Tennis Association and a regular fixture at Wimbledon. Today marks her third appearance at the championship this year, having previously cheered Cameron Norrie on during his quarter-final match, and watched Kazakhstan’s Elena Rybakina win the women’s title during her final with Ons Jabeur yesterday. 

Backstage, Prince George and Kate greeted members of the armed forces who were waiting to meet them, as well as Wimbledon staff 

Official duties: Prince George, pictured here with his mother Kate Middleton, was on his best behaviour as he greeted officials, as well as ball boys and girls ahead of the match

George was on his best behaviour earlier today as he met some members of the military in the backstage area of Wimbledon ahead of the game 

Prince William and Kate greeted Wimbledon’s young staff, with George stood by his mother listening quietly, his arms behind his back

George smiled politely as he joined his parents in meeting some of the military officials who made it to Wimbledon to watch the final earlier today 

The Duchess of Cambridge, who looked glamourous as ever, was all smiles as she greeted the teenagers who will be on deck during the game today 

The Duchess of Cambridge was the epitome of Wimbledon chic in the dress, which had ruffles at the waist. 

She paired it with £540 bi-colour slip-on stilettos in beige and white, also by the beloved designer.

Kate kept the look simple and styled her hair straight, to cope with the sizzling South West London heat.

She sported natural makeup with just a dash of bronzer and some mascara, and completed the look wearing discreet jewellery, with silver drop earrings. 

Meanwhile, Prince George, dressed in a blue blazer, looked excited to watch the game, having accompanied his parents.

Kate Middleton and Prince William made a stylish pair as they waved at fans while they were led to their seat, with Prince George leading the way 

The Duchess of Cambridge, 40, donned an elegant navy blue and polka dot dress to watch the Wimbledon Men’s final with Prince William, right, and Prince George, eight 

The royal couple made their way to the Court, lead by their eight-year-old son Prince George in a blue blaser, tie and white shirt n

All Cambridge wore blue for Wimbledon’s final, with Kate cutting a very elegant silhouette in the Alessandra Rich number, which appeared to be new 

The Duke of Cambridge looked cool in a grey blazer and blue chinos, which he paired with a crisp white shirt. 

It comes amid a happy period for Kate and her family as earlier today a source confirmed her sister Pippa is ‘heavily pregnant’ with her third child – and is moving to a £15million family home in Berkshire.

Pippa, 38, already has two children with her husband James Matthews: Arthur, three, and Grace, one.

It has been widely rumoured that she is pregnant again, after she arrived at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June appearing to sport a bump.

Now, a source has confirmed Pippa and James are ‘thrilled’ by news of the new arrival.

Kate and William waved in unison as they arrived at Wimbledon this morning and readied to take their seat in the Royal Box 

All smiles! The Cambridges, who left their other children Princess Charlotte, seven and Prince Louis, four, at home, looked relaxed and ready to enjoy an eventful afternoon of tennis 

The Duchess of Cambridge kept her look simple, but added a touch of glitz with diamond earrings believed to have belonged to Princess Diana, and a diamond ring

An enthusiastic Prince William, 40, wearing a grey blaser with blue trousers and a crisp white shirt, waved at fans this morning 

It is believed to be the first time Prince George is watching a game at Wimbledon! The eight-year-old dressed up for the occasion 

The mother-of-three wore a trait of eyeliner and a dash of brush, but kept the look simple, wearing her brown looks down for her day at Wimbledon

The Duchess of Cambridge, 40, wore a navy dress with white polka dots for her third time at the tournament this week as she and Prince William arrived with Prince George, eight, in the Royal Box to watch the nail-biting face off unfold

‘Pippa and her family are thrilled,’ a friend confirmed to Daily Mail’s Richard Eden. ‘It’s a very exciting time in their lives.’

Meanwhile, Kate’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton are understood to be examining plans to create an annexe at the manor house in the village of Bucklebury that they bought for £4.7 million a decade ago.

‘Bucklebury has housed a good number of refugees and Carole has been getting advice from villagers and seeking information about how the process has worked for others in the area,’ said a source.

Neighbours who have already provided sanctuary include broadcaster Chris Tarrant and Tory politician Lord Benyon, a friend of the Middletons who recently held a fundraising event for refugees at his stately home.

Kate’s bow – what is the meaning behind the Duchess of Cambridge’s favourite Wimbledon accessory? 

Avid royal fans may have noticed Kate Middleton wearing her favourite green an purple bow over the years.

But even the keenest of fans may not realise that the royal’s go-to Wimbledon accessory is actually a symbol of royal patronage, gifted to her from the Queen.

In 2016 the Duchess of Cambridge took over the role of patron ot the All England Croquet Club from the Queen.

The green and purple bow is worn by members of the Committee of Management during the Fortnight – the Main Board of the AELTC and representatives of the LTA. It signifies their responsibilities as the Committee governing the tournament.

The Patron has always traditionally been given a Committee bow in recognition of her role, which is why the Duchess has chosen to wear it when visiting The Championships.

The colours of dark green and purple were introduced in 1909 as the club’s previous colours, blue, yellow, red and green, were too similar to those of the Royal Marines.

The Patron has always traditionally been given a Committee bow in recognition of her role, which is why the Duchess chooses to wear it while visiting Wimbledon.

The source added: ‘Carole talked about wanting refugees to feel they have their own space in her home and has been talking about the logistics of how it all works. There have been a few conversations about this, back and forth.

‘Carole suggested she and some of those who are housing refugees should meet up, to get to know each other and because she wants to find a way to house refugees herself. She’s very philanthropic and wants to be known for her charitable nature as well as her business.’

It is thought one option under consideration is to convert a living room at seven-bedroom Bucklebury Manor into separate accommodation for a family fleeing Ukraine.

There are, however, issues around security still to consider, given the regular visits to the property by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their three children, George, Charlotte and Louis.

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