George Foreman claims Bruce Lee could have been world champion boxer as he was so good he left him with 'chills'

BRUCE LEE could have become a boxing world champion, according to one of the legends of the sport George Foreman.

A new book charting the life of the martial artist, 'Bruce Lee: The Life of a Legend', has just been released on July 20 – the anniversary of his death.

Lee, who died in 1973 after suffering a brain injury, would have been 80 this year.

Now Foreman has revealed that watching Lee do his thing in films left him with "chills".

And the 71-year-old claims that Lee could have made a big success in the sport where he himself became famous.

In an excerpt from the book seen by SunSport, Foreman said: "Bruce Lee was a good athlete and he could’ve been a good boxer.

I was in shock! He left all the audiences awestruck. Bruce Lee changed everything

"He could have been anything. In his weight class, he would have been a boxing champion.

"I remember I was in Hawaii in 1973 and I went in to see the movie Enter the Dragon.

"When I walked out after the movie, on all my back I had chills on me!

"I was the heavyweight champion of the world, by the way, but all I could think was, wow!

"I was in shock! He left all the audiences awestruck. Bruce Lee changed everything!"

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Foreman believes Lee will continue to have "a lasting impression" even another 50 years from now for his "box-office appear and his action skills".

He is credited with paving the way for what we know as MMA today with his founding of Jeet Kune Do – a martial art with "minimal effort with maximum effect and extreme speed".

Foreman retired from boxing in 1997 at the age of 48 and is a two-time heavyweight champion with a record of 76 wins and five defeats.

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