Furious WWE fans chant 'we can't see' at WrestleMania 35 as yellow lights 'ruin view of ring'

WWE fans chanted "we can't see" at WrestleMania as their view appeared to be obstructed by the lighting.

As AJ Styles beat Randy Orton, supporters in the ring hit out at their obstructed view.

@wwe Please turn the lights off! #wecantsee #WrestleMania pic.twitter.com/EnyiaJjKzh

One wrote: "@WWE @VinceMcMahon @WWEUniverse @WWENetwork can someone please turn down the lights. Way too bright and our section literally can't see the match all we see are two bright red dots #wrestlemania".

While another added: "when you charge fans $$$ and then blind them with yellow lights so they can’t see s***".

The high-flying skillster survived an RKO before dominating the Viper and landing a three count.

Styles was almost caught with an RKO just seconds into the bout but pulled out of the lethal finisher in the nick of time.

The Phenomenal One then took the fight to floor by leaping over the top rope and smashing his forearm into the Viper.

Styles then locked in a Calf Crusher that looked set to get the tap but Orton managed to reach the bottom rope, after suffering serious damage to his ankle. And the high-flying ace landed a 450 degree splash seconds later.

Randy roared his way back into the contest with a top-rope superplex and a mammoth uppercut and knocked Styles through the ropes.

And, after escaping a roll-up pin, he landed an RKO but Styles miraculously kicked out of the pin.

Orton then tried a top-rope RKO but Styles wriggled free and scored with a Pele kick and followed it up with two Phenomenal Forearms before securing the pin.
Orton apologised to fans after the fight, saying: "I would like to apologize on behalf of @WWE for screwing up and shining a bright light in your eyes for 95 per cent of our match. You missed a really great f****** match.

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