EXCLUSIVE: Fury reveals fact about himself that no one else knows

EXCLUSIVE: What’s the one thing that really scares Tyson Fury? Heavyweight champion reveals bizarre phobia he blames his brother for… and he’s never admitted it before!

  • Tyson Fury will go toe-to-toe with Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia on Saturday 
  • Fury has developed a reputation for being big and bad but revealed his phobia
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Tyson Fury has developed a reputation as a big, bad heavyweight boxer with a larger-than-life personality. His unapologetic brashness, witty banter, and appetite for psychological warfare make him a formidable figure in the boxing world.

Meanwhile, the Gypsy King’s crafty footwork, defensive prowess and devastating power has seen him conquer the boxing world, proving he’s unafraid of any challenge inside the ring. 

However, it’s a different story when it comes to life outside of the ring. The Gypsy King has opened up on an amusing fear of worms! The WBC heavyweight champion might tower above most of his opponents, but he chooses to run in the opposite direction when it comes to those leg-less insects. 

Fury admitted to the phobia when talking to Mail Sport on the red carpet at Tuesday’s grand arrivals press event ahead of his highly-anticipated crossover bout with Francis Ngannou on Saturday night. 

When asked to tell us something no one knows about him, the Gypsy King said: ‘I have a phobia of worms. I am absolutely terrified of worms. It’s because my little brother Shane used to fill my wellies up with worms. 

Tyson Fury has revealed a bizarre fact about himself to Mail Sport that no one else knows

Tyson Fury has developed a reputation as a big, bad heavyweight boxer with a larger-than-life personality but he has admitted to having a strange phobia 

The Gypsy King is scared of worms after his brother Shane (L) used to fill his wellies with them 

‘He used to pick out the biggest worms. I still have nightmares about it now, even when I see adult size welly boots. So, yeah I am absolutely terrified of worms. There you go!’. 

Thankfully Fury, there will be no worms in the ring on Saturday evening. Instead, there will be a former UFC heavyweight champion of the world looking to tarnish his perfect record. 

The fight which is scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia this weekend will mark Ngannou’s first sanctioned boxing contest and determine who the Baddest man on the planet really is. 

As it stands, Ngannou holds the record for the hardest punch in the world – having registered a striking power of 129,161 units on a PowerKube (which measures the power of a punch by analysing its force, speed and accuracy). 

No one has managed to break Ngannou’s record, set in 2018. The last person that tried to overthrow the MMA star was the former World’s Strongest Man winner Eddie Hall, but he failed.

The testing also revealed how Ngannou’s knockout power would be enough to lift a 240lbs heavyweight off his feet. The Gypsy King typically weighs in at 263lbs. However, it remains to be seen whether Ngannou will be able to land on Fury. 

The Gypsy King will go toe-to-toe with Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia on Saturday

Mail Sport’s interview with Tyson Fury was courtesy of Top Rank. This weekend’s clash between the Gypsy King and Francis Ngannou being shown live on TNT Sports Box Office in the UK & Ireland and via Top Rank on ESPN+ PPV in the US. 

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