Ex-Bolton ace Kevin Davies rants about ‘scumbags’ who have been ‘s***ting’ on the beach as Brits flock to Dorset – The Sun

FORMER Bolton striker Kevin Davies has launched a foul-mouthed tirade on social media at "scumbags" who have been "sh***ing" on the beach.

Davies took to his Twitter page, with over 165,000 followers, to vent his frustration at beachgoers who had flocked to Dorset amid the hot weather.

Lockdown measures were eased slightly in England yesterday, with outdoor gatherings of up to six people permitted as long as social distancing is followed.

But many Brits have rushed to packed beaches where it appears almost impossible to keep a safe distance of two metres as temperatures top 26C.

Davies tweeted: "Can we go back to lockdown please and close the Dorset border also!! We seem to attract absolute scumbags to the area when it is hot.

"15 tonnes of litter removed from the beaches, people p***ing/s***ting behind beach huts/car parks and in residential areas. rant over."

The 43-year-old went on to reference the popular tourist spot of Sandbanks – where residents have claimed they are "under siege" by "feral" tourists – in a following tweet.

He added: "Went for a evening walk around Sandbanks last night, disgusting to see so much litter left on the beaches/car parks/residential areas, 15 tonnes cleaned up by the local council.

"People p***ing/s***ting/swearing p***ed as farts, disgrace #stayaway #gohome #rant #scum."

England's one cap wonder also suggested a change in the education system to combat people's behaviour on Monday.

He said: "Can we make some time in the school curriculum to teach our children some manners/respect rather than teaching them Latin so they don't turn into absolute scumbags who don't give a s**t about anyone else.

"People having to clean up their mess, coastguards risking their own lives"

Davies' first tweet was a reply to a news story from the Bournemouth Echo about the fire brigade being called to 52 bonfires and BBQ fires in the area in the last 12 hours.

He also commented "idiots" on another tweet from the media outlet which alleged an inflatable island drifting off Sandbanks with young children did not have any oars or lifejackets.

The government have warned full lockdown could be reimposed if cases start to rise again with many concerned by the images of thousands on the beach.

Davies, a Uefa A licence coach, also played for Southampton and finished his career at Preston North End.

But he is best known for a ten-year spell at Bolton between 2003-2013 and at 33 he became England's oldest debutant for 60 years when he played against Montenegro in 2010.

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