Elizabeth Warren’s closing argument to caucusgoers: ‘Women win’

DES MOINES — During a round of campaign stops Sunday, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren leaned into the argument that women are even more electable than their male counterparts — a message that has become a key part of her closing argument days before the Iowa caucuses.

“Can we just address it right here? Women win,” she said at a stop that drew about 300 people in Davenport. “The world changed in 2016. … Women candidates have been outperforming men candidates — since Donald Trump was elected — in competitive elections. And just one more — because you know this one in Iowa — we took back the House and we took back statehouses around the nation because of women candidates and the women who get out there and do the hard work to get it done.”

Mary Atkins, a Davenport resident and retired John Deere employee, came into the rally preferring former Vice President Joe Biden.

“She convinced me a woman can win,” Atkins said, saying she now plans to support Warren at the caucuses.

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