Draymond Green takes one of the worst shots you’ll ever see

Golden State’s announcing duo summed it up perfectly – “why?”

Draymond Green took one of the most bizarre shots in recent memory in the closing seconds of the Warriors’ 105-100 loss to the Spurs, a result that may have been different had he not chucked it up.

Down 103-100, Golden State had the ball with 8.7 seconds left out of a time out. The play call should have been obvious – get the ball to Stephen Curry, perhaps the greatest 3-point shooter in NBA history.

Apparently, Green didn’t get the memo. Immediately after receiving the ball near the Spurs logo at half-court, he chucked up a desperation 3-pointer, which predictably bricked off the backboard.

“I feel like that was the smartest dumb play in history,” Green told reporters after the game. “I know most people will see that and put two-and-two together on what’s actually going on there. Very smart play that ended up being dumb as hell.”

Perhaps he was unaware of the time left on the clock, or thought he would be fouled, but the Spurs got the rebound and were able to salt the game away with free throws.

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