Dillian Whyte warns 'bully' Dereck Chisora that chucking tables won't work

The two British heavyweight rivals meet at the O2 Arena on Saturday to end their long-running feud.

Whyte emerged victorious in a split decision result in their previous battle in Manchester in December 2016 – an extraordinary bout considered one of the fights of that year.

The explosive press conference before that fight was marred by Chisora throwing a TABLE at Whyte in front of the world’s media.

Both fighters have been warned about their potential conduct tomorrow at the pre-fight presser by the British Boxing Board of Control.

For the incident, Chisora, 34, was fined £25,000 and handed a suspended two-year ban, which has now expired.

But Whyte, 30, said: “It’s up to him to keep his cool.

“I will do my job, do my press commitments, say hi, hello and thanks. I’m not bothered what he does.

“If he chucks another table, I don’t care. I don’t look to antagonise anyone. They do it to me and when I reply, I’m suddenly the bad guy.

“You don’t see me saying ‘you are this and that’. I’m usually relaxed. But if people start saying stuff to me, I’m not a punk and will take it. I just don’t go out of my way to try and be a knob for no reason.

“I have had no warning from no-one. I didn't do anything. I said what was on my mind. He snapped, he went off. I am cool.”

Whyte, who is looking to fight unbeaten heavyweight king Anthony Joshua in the New Year, says he will not back down when they take return for the rematch.

He said: “These guys say stuff to me, what will I do? I’m a street kid, I have been on it since 4-5 years old. If you bring heat to me, I know to survive. I bring it back.

“My father taught me that if a bully steps on you, punch him on the face. It works 90% of the time. That’s what I know what to do.”

Johnny Nelson, the cruiserweight world champion turned respected Sky Sports pundit, claimed Whyte had placed a “curse” on Chisora in a fiery exchange that was never aired on TV.

Yet Whyte laughed at the suggestion he had dabbled in black magic, he said: “Casting spells? I wish I had the power to cast spells, I would have been a billionaire by now.

“I have not cast a damn spell. I spoke to him in his native tongue. He panicked. I could have said hello to him. He is a skittish, paranoid character.

“When you got to war with someone, you do respect them. The rivalry is still there. But I have become smarter, with more control, more consistency. If he was talking smack to me, then I will give it back to them.”

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