Darts players better in bed than any other sportsman while tennis stars awful

Darts players have been voted the best lovers.

Researchers asked which sports players adults found were the best in the sack. In top spot were arrows players. Famous darts checkers include Phil Taylor, Michael van Gerwen, Jocky Wilson and Crafty Cockney Eric Bristow, along with female players Fallon Sherrock and Trina Gulliver.

Darts players were rated top in bed by 19% of the 2,000 Britons polled. The study, by married dating site illicitencounters.com, found that table tennis players were voted the ‘worst’ in the sack, getting a measly 1% of the vote.

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Darts player Andy Collins, 38, of Aylesbury, Bucks, said he had romped with his share of female darts players. He said: “When you’re in the pub team you often end up dating other players, and we’ve got as many women as men on the team these days.

“It’s not like the old days when darts players tried to drink and smoke as much as they could during a game. Darts players are seeing the benefits of fitness regimes and a healthy diet, and of course, that also sees improvements in energy levels and so to the bedroom.”

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A spokesman for illicitencouters.com said darts players often got a "bad rep", but added: “Jocky Wilson and Eric Bristow were total legends, but they weren’t the best physical specimens.

“Darts players these days seem to have stolen the mantle from swimmers and footballers, which are normally voted among the sexiest sports.”

The best lovers according to those polled were as follows;

  1. Darts – 19 per cent
  2. Swimming – 16 per cent
  3. Football – 14 per cent
  4. Badminton – 12 per cent
  5. Rugby – 11 per cent
  6. Tennis – 10 per cent
  7. Rowing – 7 per cent
  8. Boxing – 6 per cent
  9. Cricket – 4 per cent
  10. 1Table tennis – 1 per cent


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