Coronavirus: Netball South Africa president Cecilia Molokwane gets COVID-19 all-clear

Cecilia Molokwane, the president of Netball South Africa, has tested negative after previously contracting COVID-19.

Molokwane has been in quarantine for the past two weeks after testing positive for the virus.

Upon announcing her positive test, she shared that she “was not showing any symptoms” but that she would be isolating in order to take the appropriate precautions to protect those around her.

“It’s worth it to be self-quarantined for my sake and the sake of those close to you,” the Netball South Africa president said in a statement on Sunday.

“I have a three-year-old daughter. Not being able to even give her a hug is a nightmare; one needs to be self-disciplined.

“This virus is serious, and I see people not taking it seriously and it worries me. I will continue with my family to adhere to the precautions and the lockdown,” she added about the situation in South Africa.

“Coronavirus knows no colour, race, gender, religion, whether rich or poor, so for us to save the country please stay at home and be safe.”

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