Chris Russo crushes Bryce Harper, Trevor Bauer in crazed MLB rant

MLB players have become more vocal about their desire to play — and displeasure with the league and commissioner Rob Manfred.

According to Chris Russo, though, only certain players are allowed to be upset publicly about the standoff.

On his show Tuesday on Mad Dog Radio on Sirius XM, Russo took issue with players that struggled last season saying they were eager to start playing again — taking aim at Bryce Harper and Trevor Bauer, in particular.

Harper was among players that tweeted “Tell us when and where” in recent days, an invitation to MLB to start the season that has been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic and more recently by a battle over finances between the league and Players Association.

And Bauer has repeatedly been openly critical of the league’s tactics.

According to Russo, though, neither player performed well enough in 2019 to be qualified to weigh in.


While talking to a caller, Russo began his rant by screaming: “Bryce Harper is getting paid $336 million. He’s not Gerrit Cole… If you don’t live up to the money and you stink, as he did, I can’t listen to you tell me ‘I’m raring to go.’ You know what? How about last year? You were awful! Gee whiz! Come on. There is some accountability! Guy was the highest paid player in the sport and didn’t even make an All-Star team. For crying out loud! My gosh. With that kind of money comes some responsibility! Stop tweeting when you stunk!”

Russo wasn’t done. After ripping Harper and his deal he signed with the Phillies prior to last season, he went after Bauer, the controversial right-hander who was dreadful following a midseason trade from Cleveland to Cincinnati.

“Bauer is another one,” Russo said. “Ask [Cleveland manager Terry] Francona about Bauer throwing the ball into the center field bleachers when he got taken out of a game. Or Francona [about] when he played around with a drone and broke his finger, bleeding to death on the mound in Toronto! Ask the Reds how that trade worked out so far! If Mike Trout tweets, I’ll live with it. He’s earned it. [Anthony] Rizzo tweets, he’s a champion. I’ll live with it… I’ll deal with that one. Harper’s done nothing! [Manny] Machado, I don’t want to hear from him either.”

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