Chelsea fans fume at VAR after Emiliano Martinez goes unpunished for 'blatant handball'

ARSENAL keeper Emiliano Martinez may have got away with a handball outside of the box in the FA Cup final.

Chelsea fans were left furious with Anthony Taylor's performance as Arsenal beat the Blues 2-1.

Mateo Kovacic was sent off after the softest of second yellow cards and a number of other major decisions appeared to go in Arsenal's favour.

Even West Ham midfielder Declan Rice – one of Chelsea's top transfer targets – was not impressed with what he saw.

One major decision was when Martinez came racing out of his box to sweep up a long ball over the top.

The Argentinian keeper appeared to go too far, going past the ball before catching it and diving back into his box.

Chelsea fans were not impressed when handball was not given – and even more upset when there was no visual check from VAR and a lack of replays on the TV coverage.

From the first angle it was difficult to tell if it was in or outside of the box, with viewers being told that VAR checked it and deemed it fine.

Later on social media, an alternative angle surfaced and appeared to show Martinez WAS outside the box.

The image is said to have come from the Norwegian broadcast of the game.

However, it is difficult to tell if the image has been doctored with some claiming the picture had been edited.

After the defeat Chelsea boss Frank Lampard was certainly less than impressed with Taylor's performance – especially the red card.

He fumed after the game: “That is nowhere near [a red card] and it changes the game.

“I cannot fault the lads effort for pushing but that is never a red card but again coming back to us we did not do enough to win the final.”

VAR could not overturn the decision made by Anthony Taylor due to the rule that it cannot involve itself in yellow card incidents, a rule which Lampard believes the FA need to review.

He continued: “What kind of rule is that? There has always been this one about how you couldn't challenge two yellows.

“Someone is sitting there stubbornly sticking to their guns on that one because if we have VAR that is great.

“Let's use it as much as we can to get the right decision.”

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