Bungling Benfica fans drive 1,800 miles to the WRONG Frankfurt for Europa League clash… but makes it to game after frantic six-hour dash

THIS Benfica fan decided to show his love for his club with a 1,800-mile trip to see his team play Frankfurt in the Europa League.

The only problem was that Alvaro Oliveira put the wrong "Frankfurt" in his Sat-Nav and ended up 380 miles away.

Because of course we all knew there were two places bearing that same name in Germany, right?

The superfan and some friends decided to make the 28-hour car journey from Lisbon to the Commerzbank-Arena to watch Benfica play against Eintracht Frankfurt.

But after navigating well through Paris and Belgium, things took a turn for the worst when entering Germany, literally.

Instead of putting in the route to Frankurt (Main) they put in Frankfurt (Oder).

Alvaro detailed his trip on Instagram Stories, which hilariously showed his despair when he realised he was in the wrong Frankfurt.

He appropriately captioned that clip, translated, "we are f****".

Thankfully after a six-hour drive the Portu-geezer finally made it to to where he was supposed to be.

And in good time too – the game kicks off at 8pm tonight.

Benfica are 4-2 up from the first leg against their German opposition, but the two away goals could make things very interesting.

Alvaro will be hoping his testing journey there will result in a well-deserved victory on a personal level.

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