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Amazon set to offer all-female commentary teams for Premier League games next season

The internet streaming giant will broadcast two sets of 10 games after picking up one of the remaining packages in this year’s auction for the next three seasons.

Amazon Prime will show the early December midweek fixture list, to be played over two days, as well as the ten scheduled Boxing Day matches, which may be spread over three days.

The new broadcaster has recently taken over rights for Thursday night NFL games in the USA, offering a range of different commentary units including an all-woman team.

And with a positive feedback from women viewers, Amazon will consider offering one feed with women only behind the microphones when they take over the Premier League rights.

Alex Green, Amazon’s European marketing director, told the Leaders sports conference at Stamford Bridge: “As part of the Thursday night football coverage we take the core Fox feed with their own commentary team.

“But we decided to offer viewers an alternative commentary team with an all-female commentary team, Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer, very well-respected NFL journalists in the US.

“That has proved really popular, it has gone down very well and people have really appreciated having the choice.

“As a streaming service, we can offer that type of flexibility to offer those additional overlays and commentary options. That is a great thing for us to explore.

“The Premier League does appeal across the gender divide and we are conscious of that. That will be reflected in how we deliver.”

Amazon will offer their games free to Amazon Prime customers and Green added: “We were thrilled to end up with the unique package we have.

“It will be the first time two full fixture rounds will be broadcast and we are excited to offer that.

“It means Christmas won’t really exist for us but we want to be part of everybody’s Festive season and we’re incredibly excited.

“You don’t need to be a genius to know the power of the Premier League.”

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