‘Zombie’ headless frog leaps from hot chilling oil in front of terrified diners

A diner was left feeling sick when he saw a headless "zombie" frog leaping out of a pot of chilli oil on the dining table.

The unsettling scene was filmed at a restaurant in the city of Chengdu of southwest China's Sichuan province, a region famed for its spicy food.

The diner had ordered a local delicacy with bullfrogs marinated in chilli oil and peppercorns.

In a video he uploaded on Douyin, one of the headless bullfrog is seen twitching and moving its leg several times.

The skinless piece of meat eventually pushes itself out of the bowl and onto the table.

Viewers were shocked and disgusted by the sighting, with some saying they'd consider to go vegan.

One said: "That's a zombie frog, so scary. I wouldn't want to eat any of that after watching this."

Another wrote: "You can almost feel its pain, that's too much for me."

Others joked that the restaurant delivered "fresh food" to their customers.

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Animals can sometimes move after death due to stimulation of the nerves, just as this frog seen hopping after its head was chopped off by a lawnmower.

On scientific grounds, it is possible for a toad to live without a chunk of its brain.

Prof Emily Taylor, of California Polytechnic State University, told Live Science: "The brain stem governs many of the central and necessary parts of the rest of our bodies, like heart rate, digestion and other functions.

"So, theoretically, the body can survive with only that part of the brain, even though the parts of the brain associated with consciousness, memory and decision-making are gone."

But there's a slim chance a frog could survive long term without its head as it cannot eat to provide nutrients to the body.

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