World’s oldest chicken living in luxury demands strange breakfast every day

The world's oldest chicken lives in luxury and has a very specific way to start the day.

Peanut broke a Guinness World Record for the most elderly living animal of her kind earlier this year after reaching the impressive age of 20 years and 272 days.

Her owner, Marsi Parker Darwin, told the Washington Post: "The average chicken lives five to eight years, so it’s quite the achievement."

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Peanut has since celebrated her 21st birthday and despite her advancing age still has plenty of personality.

"Peanut is a sassy little chicken – if she doesn’t get her blueberry yogurt in the morning, I definitely hear about it," Darwin added.

"She’s healthy and she’s spoiled."

The chicken may have a pretty cushty existence now, but her life didn't start that way.

She was abandoned by her mother hen before she even hatched and when Darwin, who lives on a no-kill farm in Michigan, US, found her egg she thought it was rotten.

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She picked up the discarded egg and was about to throw it into a pond for turtles to eat when she heard a chirping noise coming from inside.

"I gently peeled her out of the egg, and there was this wet little mess, sitting in my hand," she remembered.

Darwin tried to return the chick to her mother hen, but she wouldn't accept her – so the farmer decided to raise the baby bird herself.

She brought her inside, kept her under a heat lamp and taught her to eat and drink, naming her Peanut due to her small size.

Some 21 years later and Peanut still lives in the same living room and gets on well with Darwin's other animals, including her cats and dogs.

Darwin even said she tried to keep Peanut outside, but the chicken refused.

Now she likes to sit on her adoptive mum's lap and even watches TV with her, with Darwin reckoning she enjoys the "warmth of snuggling up".

Peanut is just two years younger than the oldest chicken on record, Muffy, who was 23 years and 152 days old when she died back in 2011.

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