World's first microwave BAG lets you heat up meals on the go

Now THAT’S what you call fast food! World’s first microwave BAG lets you heat up meals on the go

  • The Willcook claims to be the first ‘microwave bag’ for heating food on the go
  • The bag uses a specialised fibre that can reach temperatures of up to 482°F

Cold-packed lunches and soggy sandwiches could soon be a thing of the past with this high-tech satchel.

The world’s first ‘microwave bag’ offers piping hot food in minutes, no matter where you might find yourself.

The bag can reach temperatures of 176°F (80°C) in as little as five minutes, according to its developers.

Shaped like a laptop bag, the Willtex Willcook is designed to be slung over the shoulder to heat up food on the go.

With an external battery clipped in, its creators say it has charge to keep your lunch toasty for up to eight hours.

The Willtex Willcook bag claims to be the world’s first ‘microwave bag’ capable of heating up food in as little as 20 minutes

The bag comes with a detachable battery pack that provides enough power to keep food hot for up to eight hours at a time

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Created by Japanese company Willtex,  the Willcook is ‘a lightweight, portable, bag-shaped portable microwave bag made possible by a patented technology in which the cloth generates heat.’ 

While the Willcook calls itself a ‘microwave bag’ it doesn’t actually use microwaves to heat food. 

This differentiates it from the portable microwave developed by the Japanese tool manufacturer Makita.

Instead of microwaves, the bag makes use of an advanced fibre material, developed by the Japanese Sanky Consys fibre technology. 

The Willcook would not be the first consumer product to implement heating technology into fabric designs. 

The Willcook bag uses self-heating fibres to reach temperatures of 176°F (80°C) in as little as five minutes 

This bag joins a host of heated coats, socks, and even shoe insoles designed to beat the cold. 

Last year, scientists from the University of Texas even developed a self-heating pillow and mattress designed to trick users into falling asleep. 

However, unlike these other inventions, Willtex claims that every individual fibre of this material is capable of producing heat itself rather than relying on other heating elements.

Even while the material can be cut and sewn like any other cloth, its creators claim it can reach truly astonishing temperatures.  

Willtex says that the temperature of the material can be controlled anywhere between 104°F (40°C) and 482°F (250°C) – hot enough to fire pizza.

However, it doesn’t say whether the microwave bag itself will be limited to a safer, lower temperature.  

Its creators also claim that the Willcook’s insulation makes it able to keep beers and other cold drinks cool for longer even in the hot sun 

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The inner layer, which contains the heating elements, also contains a material treated to resist oil, water, and stains when heating food.

This is then contained in a layer of insulation to prevent the bag from becoming uncomfortably hot when carrying it. 

Finally, the outermost layer is a twill material which makes the Willcook appear like any other laptop bag. 

The internal temperature can be checked on and adjusted on the fly using the ‘HOTOPIA’ companion app. 

The bag won’t just be useful for winter, as the insulated layer can also keep drinks cool.

Willtex said: ‘WILLCOOK also has a high cooling power due to the effect of the heat insulating cotton and the aluminium film with high heat shielding effect that are included for heat retention.’

The site oddly claims that beer can be kept at a ‘delicious’ 118°F (48°C) for up to two hours but this could be due to translation issues on the English language site. 

The bag is available in three different colours for ¥23,000 (£126.05) while the battery is sold separately at ¥6,500 (£35.62).

The bag is now available for order on the Willtex website but delivery options are only available for Japan at the time of writing.

Willtex says the Willcook will make an appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024. 

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