Woman’s trip to ancient pyramid ‘unlocked hidden ability to speak alien’

A woman has bizarrely claimed she can speak an alien language after visiting an ancient pyramid in a series of viral TikTok posts.

Mafe Walker, 45, says the powers came to her and unlocked her hidden ability after she had visited the ancient Mexican pyramid site of Teotihuacan, near to Mexico City.

The self-appointed alien linguist claims that she can now speak the extra terrestrial language after life forms from another world contacted her at the mystical site.

In one video, the 45-year-old can be seen spouting gibberish and nonsense in a sing-song voice, with no apparent meaning to what she is saying in the strange recording.

Walker was invited onto a local talk show just one month on from creating her TikTok account and the now viral internet video that followed.

Her TikTok shows her at various locations speaking the language.

She told the show about her role as a medium for alien life and how she had access to a "galactic portal," before spouting more gibberish live on air.

But the hosts of the show were thoroughly convinced, with TV Azteca's "Venga La Alegria" captioning the interview: "Mafe Walker speaks to us in an alien language, totally live!"

Mafe, born in Colombia in 1977, claims she is fluent in English, Spanish and "astral languages."

Sceptics of Mafe, who claims that "alien vibrations" opened up her own abilities to speak languages from beyond the stars, say that she is a new twist on religious devotees making wild claims.

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The new twist has seen several faithful individuals claim they could speak in tongues or ancient biblical languages.

The Teotihuacan pyramids are said to have been a place of extra-terrestrial activity for some time though due to their sophisticated construction, far more advanced than other buildings of the time.

Aztecs claimed and named the Teotihuacan in the 1400s after it lay dormant for over 100 years.

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