Woman’s horror as ‘baby bump’ turns out to be cyst the size of a football

A woman's “baby bump” turned out to be an ovarian cyst the size of a football.

Hollie Welham, 21, believed she was expecting after she started feeling nauseous and noticed her abdomen expanding.

But when all the tests came back negative and her symptoms – including severe cramps, bleeding and back pain – continued to worsen, she was referred for an ultrasound.

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Doctors discovered she was not carrying a baby, but a large cyst was growing on her right ovary.

Hollie, a health care assistant, said: “I can’t believe how big my tummy got – I looked nine months gone.

“I was so uncomfortable, but I’m so pleased they spotted the cyst and managed to remove it.”

While waiting for the operation, Hollie watched as her stomach grew and grew each day.

By the time she had keyhole surgery last month, the cyst had reached 27cm – larger than a football – and Hollie’s
belly had ballooned due to the build-up of fluid.

A surgeon successfully removed the cyst, along with her right ovary and fallopian tube, and Hollie has shrunk back to her size eight frame.

She said: “They had to remove my ovary as well because the cyst had grown inside it.

“I had great support from my family and boyfriend, Isaac. It shouldn’t affect my fertility – you can still have children with one ovary, it just might take longer."

Hollie, from Bridgwater in Somerset, added: “It was quite scary at the time, but I’m recovering well now.”


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