Woman spots orange orbs flashing in dark like ‘pair of engines on back of UFO’

A woman was baffled when she saw a mysterious movement in the sky where two orange orbs were flashing in dark.

Jasmine Montenegro, from Arizona in US, filmed the strange encounter over Maricopa last February and recently shared to self-proclaimed alien expert Scott C Waring.

In the 80-second long video, Jasmine identifies two huge glowing lights in the sky.

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She can be heard telling her partner: "Dude, what is that? What the hell? It probably knows that we are recording.

"That thing is glowing hard, like there's nothing around it. Look when I zoom in, woah, that looks like the back of an engine.

"That's creepy."

The two orange orbs move in parallel and away from the couple.

When Jasmine zooms in for a close-up, it reveals some rim-like pattern in the centre, which her partner says the lights are "spreading apart".

Viewers from Scott's YouTube channel were mesmerised by the sighting and shared their thoughts in the comments.

One said: "That's bizarre, I have a feeling that it will be one of our own though, still unidentified."

Another wrote: "Swamp gas that's all."

Last September in Glasgow, a Brit has spotted a very similar UFO and compared it to a "portal to another universe" in sci-fi movies.

Robert Hampson said he and a friend had gone outside of home for some fresh air around midnight when he saw the glowing object in the sky.

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He told Glasgow Live: "Me and my friend were outside last night and caught an unexplainable object floating in the sky in Glasgow.

"It happened at my friend's house in the Merchant City. We basically went out for some fresh air and we seen something really bright in the sky.

"We started to record it and take pictures of it and it looked like some sort of portal of a UFO.

"It was probably hovering for about an hour and then just disappeared."


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