Woman ‘sick to her stomach’ after worms crawl out of Morrisons fish in kitchen

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    Worms left a woman 'sick to her stomach' after she watched them wriggle out of fish she bought from Morrisons.

    Laura Taynton, 33, had started cooking a monkfish curry for friends she had round when she spotted unexpected movement in the pan.

    Not one but four worms, each around 1.5 inches long, crawled out of the £18 monkfish tails bought from her local supermarket in Blackpool.

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    Thanks to the "disgusting" additions to the meal, Laura had no choice but to chuck her handiwork and £44 worth of ingredients into the bin.

    She said: "I felt sick to my stomach. The whole thing had to go in the bin. Honestly, it was absolutely disgusting. There were four worms. All alive.

    "None of us could eat after seeing that. It was vile. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was making the meal for friends and I was so embarrassed when I had to explain to them what had happened.

    "As you can imagine, we lost our appetite and the whole meal went in the bin.”

    Laura said she bought the monkfish tails from the Squires Gate Lane Morrisons branch in her hometown of Blackpool, Lancs.

    She said one of the store's fishmonger recommended the product and she purchased two fish tails for £18.

    Laura said: "I went to Morrisons and spoke to the fishmonger about buying everything I needed for making a good fish curry.

    "We went through my basket and he gave me tips on what I needed to make a delicious curry from scratch.

    "He recommended the monkfish tails, which cost £9.20 each.

    "It was only after I made the sauce, cubed the fish and began stirring it all together that I noticed something moving in the pan."

    Laura said that a customer service advisor from the supermarket reassured Laura that the worms aren't harmful to humans and are killed when the fish is cooked.

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    They have also given Laura £20 on her Morrisons loyalty card but she has vowed to 'not shop there again.'

    She said: "Me and my family will not be shopping there again and the £20 voucher will go on petrol."

    The Daily Star has contacted Morrisons for a comment.


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