Woman left trapped after getting stuck in rubbish bin after ‘wild night out’

This is the bizarre moment a woman got stuck in a rubbish bin after a "wild night out".

The strange pictures show an Australian reveller who appears to be trapped in the trash.

The lady – who is wearing a party dress and an ankle bracelet – is thought to have gotten into trouble after venturing into the waste to find her phone.

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The footage – recorded by a passerby – shows the woman's legs dangling out the top of the basket as a pal watches on.

During the spectacle a bloke can be heard asking: "What the hell is going on here?"

That's after a friend says: "No wait, did you find it or no?"

According to the Daily Mail, the person who recorded the clip eventually helped the confined party-goer to safety.

The video was posted on Facebook by 9News. At the time of writing, it has attracted more than 2,000 comments.

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Tony Torrisi responded: "I’m assuming she’s dropped something in bin by mistake. I did something similar … dropping my keys in the bin."

And Natalie Byers replied: "That's so disgusting. I hope it was a diamond ring she was looking for."

But Nicole Rayner was unimpressed. She said: "Honestly the fact that this was filmed and sent to the news is ridiculous."

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