Woman finds ‘whale penis’ on beach walk – but how it got there remains a mystery

A woman has left TikTok users stunned after sharing footage of a potential "whale penis" washed ashore in Queensland, Australia.

The woman had stumbled across the large, greyish object found by a woman who'd been walking along the beach at Magnetic Island earlier this week.

In a video on TikTok, she said: "What the f**k is that? It's massive, like the size of my leg. Ew, disgusting."

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It appeared "fleshy" at the top as though it had been detached from an animal, leading many to speculate about what it could be.

Some believed it may be a whale's penis as humpback whales are currently breeding in the area.

Wildlife researcher Dr Vanessa Pirotta also responded to the clip claiming scientists would be unable to confirm exactly what the object is without seeing it for themselves.

In her video, which has gained more than 2,000 likes, Dr Pirotta explained: "It's hard to know exactly what this object is without seeing it in the flesh.

"As a scientist, we want to have as much information on the size and also how it looks from every single angle so we just don't know at this stage.

"Where this unidentified object was found is currently where there are a lot of humpback whales."

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However, she did shut down theories the possible penis was "bitten off" as she said that if it belonged to a humpback whale "it is very unlikely that it was bitten off by another".

She added: "These whales don't have any teeth rather they have long hair-like strands known as baleen and to bite another male's penis off is something that I've not ever heard of."

She claimed it could have been attacked by a killer whale or other predator, but noted no markings were left behind.


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