Woman baffled after finding dog’s head poking out through bathroom floor

A woman was left shaking when she woke up to a noise and found a dog sticking its head out of a bathroom floor.

Kyndal Bret and her husband, from Tennessee in US, were remodelling their bathroom as part of the home renovation.

Last week, she heard strange noises coming from the room and thought an "intruder" might have entered their house.

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She posted a video on TikTok, which showed her walking towards the source of the noise.

"I’m literally shaking right now. I heard something in our bathroom that we are remodeling," Kyndal said.

As she walked in, she flipped the camera and saw a dog's head sticking out from a hole on the floor.

She said: "This is not my dog!"

The helpless pooch looked at her and stuck its tongue out.

"Who are you and how did you get in here, sweet babe?" Kyndal continued.

She looked around and saw her dog in the hallway and walking past her.

Concerned about the dog's safety, she called for help and stayed by the dog while waiting for someone to free the dog.

She shared a couple of pictures and confirmed: "There's room around its neck so it's not choking."

The dog was freed and wasn't injured.

Kyndal said the dog had its collar caught underneath the hole and believed it ran to her house's crawl space during the storm.

Viewers were relieved that the dog was fine and some made light of the situation.

One said: "You had a dog portal in your bathroom?"

"So you're telling me if I rip up my bathroom flooring, it will grow dogs?" another asked.

A third noted: "Aw, he's your dog now. Also your dog pretending not to see the floor dog kills me."

Kyndal found a contact detail on the dog's collar and managed to inform them about their pooch so that they could reunite.

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