Win the war against porch pirates with the Smart Delivery Box

Porch pirates beware! Smart Delivery Box that can be remotely locked the moment parcels are placed inside debuts at CES 2020

  • A new storage device will help customers keep deliveries when they’re not home
  • Smart Delivery Box uses a smart latch that can be remotely unlocked and locked
  • Users can track each time the box was opened through a smartphone app
  • The Box will cost $229 and is expected to be available in ‘spring 2020’ 

The smart lock company Yale has announced a new smart lock box at this year’s CES 2020 in Las Vegas, which is meant to help protect deliveries from the increasingly common porch theft.

Called Smart Delivery Box, the device is a large lidded receptacle for receiving packages, and it comes equipped with a high tech latch that can be remotely locked and unlocked via a phone app.

The Box has a compartment that can be filled with sand to keep it weighted down, or it can alternately be held in place with external fasteners.

Yale has announced the Smart Delivery Box (pictured above), designed to be left on porches with a Wi-Fi enabled lock that can be remotely locked and unlocked via a smartphone app, something the company hopes will help protect customers from package theft

The Box is controlled through a mobile app called Yale Access, which will let customers share access with other users, maybe a neighbor or a housesitter. 

It will also keep a history of the exact date and time someone opened the box.

Customers will also be able to use the app to get notifications confirming that alert them whenever the lid is opened without their permission, as well as monitor its battery levels to keep the lock from dying on the job.

Previous versions of Yale’s smart locks required a separate networking device called the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge to act as a hub that would relay commands from the phone app to the lock itself.

The new version of the lock in Smart Delivery Box will have its own internal Wi-Fi received, so customers will be able to communicate with it directly.

Yale points to a survey from C+R Research that shows that 44 percent of American households get a package delivered from Amazon or another online retailer at least once a week.

Yale also announced two other smart security devices, including the Smart Cabinet Lock (pictured above), which can be used to keep hazardous materials out of inappropriate hands


The Smart Delivery Box is a storage box developed by the lock and secuirty firm Yale.

The Smart Delivery Box has a smart lock that can be remotely unlocked and locked through a smartphone app. 

It will help customers securely receive packages even when they’re away from their homes.

The device was developed to help counter the growing prevalence of porch theft. 

It will be available for $229 in spring 2020. 

As these sorts of home deliveries have become more common, so has theft, with 36 percent of Americans reporting at least one package that’s been lost to theft or ‘porch piracy.’

‘We’re in the business of protecting our customers’ homes and their most important belongings through trusted hardware and smart accessibility,’ Yale’s Jason Williams said in a statement announcing the new product.

‘We’re committed to extending the peace of mind and convenience we’ve been able to provide through our smart locks to our new smart storage products, protecting everything from package deliveries to jewelry, important documents, medicine and alcohol.’

The Smart Delivery Box will retail for $229 and will be available for purchase in spring 2020.

For an additional cost customers will be able to buy a keypad attachment that will let them access the box without their phone.

The third product unveiled by Yale is the Smart Safe (pictured above), an armored storage cube that can be locked and unlocked remotely via the Yale Access smartphone app

Yale will also sell a bundle that includes the Smart Delivery Box, a Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, and a Cooler Bag that will help preserve perishable deliveries.

The company also announced a Smart Cabinet Lock, a small attachment that can be installed on household cabinets to keep alcohol or other potentially hazardous material out of children’s reach.

Yale also unveiled a third new product called Smart Safe, a small armored device for valuables that can be locked and unlocked via Yale Access.

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