Wife killer freed from jail to use ‘shooting skills’ in Ukraine fakes own death

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    A brutal killer who was freed from jail to fight for Vladimir Putin and reported as slain in the Ukraine war has faked his own death, according to claims from his former father-in-law.

    Police officer Sergei Kadatsky, 41, ambushed and gunned down his ex-wife in a sniper-style shooting in 2017.

    He was handed a 15-year sentence for the killing of his former spouse, Yulia Donchik, but was released from prison after being drafted by the Russian army due to his “shooting skills”.

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    Last week it was reported that Kadatsky had died in the war and been awarded a posthumous bravery medal by pro-Russian rulers in Luhansk.

    The case was seen as spotlighting the Kremlin’s depravity in freeing hundreds of vicious murderers from jail and sending them into battle.

    Yet there is an alarming new twist with a claim from Yulia’s father – that his ex-son-in-law faked his frontline death.

    Vladimir Svitsov – who was also shot by Kadatsky, resulting in the amputation of his left arm and shoulder, said: “I understand that the motherland must be defended and there were penal battalions during World War Two, but I am outraged by the fact that Kadatsky, after serving only five years in jail, got a chance to gain his freedom,

    “I find it unfair that criminals guilty of such crimes as killing my daughter get such a chance.”

    He warned: “I do not believe he had died. He is alive and well. He served for six months since May, and so qualified for his sentence to be commuted, with no more criminal liability.

    “Then he supposedly died when he owed me and our family four million roubles [£54,000] in compensation which has not been paid.

    “I think he will change his name, get a new passport.”

    The distraught father has checked records and found that there is no evidence of a funeral.

    “I see only his award and no other information appeared on his death,” he said.

    “Where is the body? I checked forums of the village where his parents live. The body of this ‘hero’ should have been delivered and buried there. But there is no information. There was no funeral at all. So where is he?

    “I believe he is alive.”

    He fears that Kadatsky may have paid a bribe to be released to avoid having to pay compensation, and start a new life, amid rumours that hardened criminals freed to fight in Putin’s war are doing this so they are not forced to fight on the frontline.

    The father also expressed concerns about the Putin scheme, which allows murderers and rapists to go free after surviving six months on the frontline.

    He added: "Some people should not be freed after committing such crimes,

    “Imagine Kadatsky walking the streets and suddenly appearing, sticking out his tongue at me? How am I supposed to take this after the way he has destroyed our family.”

    Svitsov's wife Lyudmila – Yulia’s mother – died last year aged 60, after never recovering from the murder of her daughter.

    “I would like to rejoice about his death but I cannot,” he said.

    Kadatsky was fired from the police in disgrace after the murder but this did not stop him being recruited to fight for Putin.

    He had carefully planned the sniper-style hit on the Rostov-Taganrog highway in southern Russia, using a hunting rifle with special optical sights.

    After the car came to a halt, Kadatsky fired a Russian traumatic pistol at his victims.

    Yulia, a law firm employee who had a son, then 15, from a previous relationship, died on the spot while her father was grievously wounded.

    The shooting came after she had won a court battle against him following their divorce.

    Kadatsky claimed he killed her in a “crime of passion”, but a court ruled it had been a cold-blooded murder.

    He was freed to fight for the Wagner Group, a private army run by close Putin crony Yevgeny Prigozhin, who has become a billionaire from his close links to the Kremlin president.

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