What’s the silliest, most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done? Share it with us

We’ve all done some pretty embarrassing things in our lives, although we might not want to admit it…to anyone…ever!

The lucky few among us might have gotten away with it because there was no one to witness the crime, even though we might have to privately carry the shame of cock-up for the rest of our lives, whatever it may be.

Others among us are not so lucky. We might have had a You’ve Been Framed kind of moment in front of friends, family, classmates, colleagues or maybe in a more public scene, like say, a stadium full of people.

Nowadays it’s much harder to keep our blunders off camera, and more importantly off of social media.

No one wants their lowest moments in life to go viral across the world, or worse yet, turned into an internet meme that never seems to go away.

As if having our mistake brought up at every family gathering for the rest of our lives isn’t enough, being recognised for your mistake everywhere you go, even when abroad, has got to be the mother of all embarrassments.

But maybe you somehow managed to salvage the situation before anyone really noticed what you did. Maybe your mistake rebounded nicely off the post and landed comfortably for you.

Share your most embarrassing stories with us in the comments.

You might have even styled it out in such a way that you actually became the hero of your own story, at least in your own head.

But hey, we can’t blame anyone for trying to make themselves feel better about themselves afterwards, even if you did somehow manage to swallow an AirPod earphone while taking your pills in the morning (cough, cough, Kirstie Allsopp).

The popular TV presenter and property expert recently tweeted that she made that very mistake, leaving her 428k followers confused.

She was able to save some face though, saying she “managed to chuck it back up without having to go to hospital”, which might have saved her from further embarrassment.

We’d love to hear about the silliest things you’ve ever done. If you’d like to share your story, drop it in the comments and we’ll highlight the best ones when they come in.

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Share your most embarrassing stories with us in the comments.

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