What is an essay? Plan and structure of an essay

An essay (from the French “essai”- “try”, “sample” or “sketch”) is a prose literary genre of small volume and free composition. It expresses individual impressions and the author’s considerations on a particular occasion and doesn’t aim at the comprehensive interpretation of the topic.
Here you can be as subjective as you want. You don’t have to highlight the entire topic. You don’t claim an opinion in the last instance. These are only your thoughts on a specific topic.
Michel de Montaigne is considered the founder of this genre. His book “Experiences” consists of the essays on different topics, such as honor, conscience, money, morality, etc.

An essay is also an artistic and journalistic genre, which finds wide application in the modern world, press, and literature. The originality of the author’s thinking comes to the foreground instead of facts. Now you don’t need to surf the Internet looking for a topic and information occasion. The reason is present here as well. But it’s more of a thought, just a topic you grabbed and decided to discuss.

Here you can show your intelligence and emotions. This is a way to demonstrate your style, as you are not limited to a specific style. You can use any expressions and all colors of the languages.

There is no framework!

This is a perfect way to show your intelligence and erudition. This is one of the perfect formats for the blog. If you look at the blogs and websites, they usually consist of articles and essays.
We will list the signs of an essay, which allow you to distinguish it from a feature story, article, and sketch.

Small volume. The author writes concisely, and the reader quickly looks through the essay.

Free structure (composition). In pure form, the works of this genre don’t have a strict structure. It is permitted to start with arguments, and then move on to the problem statement. Otherwise, you can draw a conclusion at the beginning and leave the conversation about the reasons “for dessert”.

The existence of the problem. Despite the fact that the plan of the essay has a free composition, the writer’s mind must turn around one problem stated at the beginning of the text. All the arguments stated in the main part must illustrate it and bring the reader to the resolution. In conclusion, you should voice your views (directly or indirectly).

Individual style. No matter what essay you write (historical or philosophical), it must be characterized by the bright and rich language and original style. This tradition has its roots in journalism.

Imagery and aphorism. The essay contains the best features of artistic and journalistic styles. Both of them are characterized by imagery and metaphoricity. Aphorisms are usually born on the verge of these two styles, new and non-standard expressions (neologisms) and curious language game.

Proximity to colloquial speech. Don’t “overdry” the text. Scientific terms, complex sentences, official jargon, and stamps are contraindicated to such genre as the essay.

How to start writing an essay?

If you need to write an essay, we will give you some recommendations on how to do it correctly and quickly. There are 5 rules you should follow if you want to write a decent work.

Rule №1: interesting and familiar topic.
The topic of an essay should be interesting and, equally important, familiar. After all, it is hardly possible to express your view on the subject you have no idea about. When choosing a topic with the teacher, you should opt for something you’re really interested in.
Rule №2: author’s presentation.
You need to feel the depth of your thoughts and write only what you think, without any templates, tips, and regard for the works of the other authors.
Rule №3: the journalistic style of presentation
To transfer the personal perception of the world, the author of an essay can give examples, draw parallels, pick up analogies and use different associations. Your essay will benefit from the unexpected turns of thought and unpredictable conclusions. This is a scope for the development of creativity, logical and imaginative thinking!
Rule №4: conciseness.
Given that the essay belongs to free genres; it has no restrictions on the volume. However, the teachers can set the maximum volume of work (up to 4-7 pages).
Rule №5: compliance with the structure.
Before starting to write an essay, you should consider its structure and content. Structure of the essay: introduction; main part; conclusion.

Introductory part should be brief but expressive, and also contain a central metaphorical image. The last sentence of the introduction and the first sentence of the main part must be organically linked. The essence of connection is to explain the appropriateness of metaphor.

The main part is related to the introduction and conclusion not only with the topic but also with the method of language decoration (through the central image).

An essay must contain a clear ending, whether it is an assertion, question or unfinished reflection. A good conclusion is aphorisms or quotes.

Instructions for writing an essay

The essay writing process can be divided into several stages: reflection – planning – writing – checking – correction.
To write a good essay, we recommend you to stick to the following action plan:

  • think about the topic, comprehend the problem and write a plan (simple and deployed);
  • build the text logically;
  • clearly express the cause-and-effect relationships;
  • use examples and explanations;
  • express the chain of thoughts;
  • demonstrate your ability to use different grammatical tools and choose words;
  • argue your own opinion;
  • choose the type of conclusions;
  • complete your work properly;
  • check your essay carefully and make adjustments (if necessary).

Writing an essay will allow you to learn to express your thoughts and track the cause-and-effect relationships. And if you’re failing or don’t have time for it, student service will gladly do that for you!

How to write a brilliant essay?

Think about the part of “essay” you will write. The essay is an indispensable element of such subjects as literature and foreign language.
If you want to write a good essay, you should read the examples of essays and use the methods you like most.

At first, write down everything that popped into your head after reading a text. Then choose the main idea and talk about it as if you were the first person talking about the problem. Be persuasive, logic, laconic and moderately emotional. Don’t forget about the sense of humor.

What mistakes should be avoided?

Keep in mind, or better print out the list of the most common mistakes to test yourself immediately during the execution of the task:

Logic impairment. “Jumping” from one thought to another, the wrong choice of arguments and inconsistency of the content of the essay parts between themselves violate the logic of the narrative.

Verbosity. Try to use only the most necessary words. If something can be crossed out without affecting the understanding of the meaning, feel free to strike it out.

Spelling errors. They are most commonly found in terms. If you are preparing to hand in your essay on literature, get yourself a glossary of terms.

Speech errors. Use the phraseological units carefully and make sure that such that the words fit together; avoid repetitions, actively select synonyms and antonyms to create a contrast of oppositions and don’t confuse the paronyms.

Stylistic mistakes. Keep the written speech clean. Do not clog the composition with low-style vocabulary.

An absence of factual errors will ensure success. This will emphasize your erudition and boost your credibility. Besides, you will not be deprived of an additional score.

It is easy to write an interesting essay. The main thing is to think over and perfect every detail.
The best way to achieve success is to write essays on leadership regularly and for any reason. This skill will come in handy at school, at the university and when applying for a job.

Perhaps, you will like writing so much that over time, you will become the author of a bestseller, born from many youth sketches.

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