‘We are the same time traveller from different years — our tattoos prove it’

Two mysterious blokes have claimed to have 'evidence' that they are 'real-life time travellers' visiting the present day from different years.

The blokes, who claim to both be called Mike Williams, claim to be time warpers who have met their past self -or future self depending on which one you're talking to.

The pair were featured in a YouTube video by ApexTV where they explained that they are both the same person – just from different times.

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However, people often don't believe that the pair are the same person as they claim people often mistake them for brothers or even father and son.

But they claim to have evidence that they are the same person- including the fact that they both have the same tattoos.

The younger Mike, from the present day, explained: "I came home from the university, I saw old Mike sitting in my armchair. I was terribly scared. I wanted to run away.

"When he dressed me with my nickname, which only my family members called me because few people knew it, I just froze in surprise.

"By the way, want me to show you evidence that finally persuade me to understand that this person is me?

"He's me. Simply from the future. When I was 18 years old, I had a cat and I loved that cat so much. I decided to put this tattoo on my hand."

While their faces were blurred and their voices were disguised, the pair sat in front of the camera to explain the story of how one of them went back to 2022 from the year 2047.

In the video, which has gained more than 5,000 views, the future Mike said: "On January 4th, 2047, I made the most difficult decision of my life.

"I took some of my inventions, I took some equipment from the future. I put it all in the back.


"I copied the results of them, 2022 football and basketball games, the drawings and descriptions of all my inventions.

"I took all that with me and decided to come back to 2022 and give all that I had with me to the young me and thus to change my whole future.

"I used the time machine I created, but before returning, I turned on the self-destruction function on the turn machine and I went back to 2022."

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