‘W*** hard’ trending on UK Twitter after hilarious social media game

Some Twitter users will have had to look twice today as they spotted that 'W*** Hard' was trending.

After discovering the trend @estelbarnes wrote: "This has gotten 'w**k hard' trending in UK does this mean finally we have reset and all is back to normal after the last 3 years."

The name, which derives from the more commonly known blockbuster classic 'Die Hard' comes after @NoContextBrits put out a tweet challenging its followers last night.

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The tweet simply says: 'Ruin a film by replacing a word in the title with ‘w***'.

And it wasn't long before replies started spilling in with the pick of responses including 'Four w***s and a funeral' and 'How to w*** your dragon' gaining a lot of traction.

Estel's own tweet, making light of the situation also gained it's own responses, with one user replying 'SureW**k Redemption. Four Weddings and a W***. Requiem for a W***. Sleeping Tiger Hidden W***.'

The account, which boasts over 1.5 million followers is known for posting funny 'British humour' memes.

But the renamed Die Hard wasn't the only much-loved movie to make an appearance with a series of other w***-related terms appeared to be trending on Twitter, with 'W*** Club, 'W*** Wars' and 'W*** Alone'.

This comes after a mum was trolled on Facebook after revealing she had called her new baby daughter 'Tempress Storm'.

Many users commented on the post questioning the unique choice of name saying it sounded like a 'stripper'.

One person claimed: "Tempress sounds like temptress which just sounds like a stripper name. Big yikes."

Whilst another said: "That is horrible. I can’t decide if it sounds like a stripper name or the name of an evil villain in a movie," added a third.


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