Vietnam vet says he saw Bigfoot colony in jungle but they were wiped out in war

A Vietnam veteran has claimed he encountered a whole herd of Bigfoot while hiking through remote Vietnamese jungle but that they were all wiped out in the war.

The claims were made on the usually hilarious and often deranged Bigfoot Reddit channel where believers and sceptics gather to pore over sasquatch spottings and lore.

Under a post titled: "Those of you who consider yourself "hopeful sceptics", why do you hope Bigfoot exists?", the veteran's son outlined exactly what he had glimpsed in the bush.

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He said: " My father, while in the war, said he saw “orangutans” deep in the uninhabited jungle on the border of Vietnam and Cambodia. But no orangutans or great apes are known to exist on the Asian continent.

"He said they were 4-5 feet tall, muscular and looked exactly like an orangutan. He had no idea orangutans weren’t supposed to exist there.

"It was in an area of Vietnam that was remote and uninhabited and likely has never been explored by humans up to that point. The war changed all that and I’m afraid these creatures are probably extinct now."

Too many, the thought of the noble Bigfoot burning to death in napalm is too tragic to seriously contemplate.

But sadly the person's story was collaborated by another user who also knew a Vietnam vet who'd seen similar.

And their story was more chilling than the last, as it suggests the Vietcong weren't the only aggressive force in the jungle.

They claimed: "I know a Vietnam vet who said he was warned not to feed them because they would get angry if you ran out of food.

"He didn't listen. So when he gave them his "rations" anyway.

"When they ran out one of them became angry and, knocked him out. He also said they looked like orangutans. He repeated this story to me several months ago."

If these claims are indeed true it seems criminal Hollywood hasn't devised a Bigfoot-led Vietnam epic.

Imagine Mel Gibson starring across from ol' hairy face in 'We Were Sasquatch'.

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