Vandals target village sign with cheeky two-letter change that’s sparked outrage

Vandals with a little too much time on their hands have got local councillors in a lather after they “creatively edited” a village sign.

The tiny village of Camerton, in Cumbria, was originally called “Camberton" according to some old maps.

But now, thanks to some cheeky alterations, it appears to be called “Cameltoe”.

The village, which has around 170 inhabitants, is best known for being haunted by a former lord named “Black Tom”.

The former lord's name is also used on the village pub, where local legend says one drinker once saw a blue pig.

But now playful locals have decided to put the village on the map, by taking it off the map.

They’ve altered the Camerton sign to resemble a slang term for the bulge of a woman’s labia through tight trousers or leggings.

The vandalism is believed to have happened early on Monday morning or late Sunday evening. It involved covering two of the sign's letters with new ones to make it read something quite different. The 'R' and the 'N' have replaced with an 'L' and an 'E' respectively.

The sign of the East Yorkshire hamlet now reads 'Cameltoe', much to the displeasure of councillors and the amusement of some residents.

The ERYC highways department has already been alerted to make the appropriate repairs.

South West Holderness Councillor David Winter said: "I am disgusted with the vandalism of the sign and have referred it to ERYC Highways department for the necessary repairs. Action like this is appalling and not acceptable and the guilty party, hopefully, will receive harsh punishment."

Councillor John Dennis agreed, adding: "Funny joke – not. A weird sense of humour. I’ve contacted the team who maintain road signs and asked them to get it rectified as soon as possible."

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