US officials met two aliens in ‘mutual meeting’ at crash site, leaked docs show

The most infamous alien crash has finally been confirmed in leaked United States Government documents.

And it has also been confirmed that US officials met with two aliens at another hotly contested alien crash site during an “official meeting” nearly 20 years later. Although it is not clear exactly where the documents came from, several pages of a bombshell report have been posted on Reddit, showing that Roswell did happen.

The front page of the document calls it Project Aquarius and Project Sigma – two names previously confirmed by the US Government. And on one of the only non-redacted pages, it states that on July 7 1947 – the date of Roswell – a “secret operation was begun to assure recover of the wreckage of this object for scientific study”.

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But the real bombshell is several pages in, where it claimed that on April 25, 1964, United States Air Force intelligence officers have an interested encounter in the desert of New Mexico. This was known as the Lonnie Zamora incident, where a police officer claimed he saw two people beside a shiny object that later rose into the air.

It was always denied by US officials – as are most UFO encounters – but the document goes into great detail about what actually happened. It states, as part of Project Sigma: “On April 25, 1964, a USAF intelligence officer met two aliens at a pre-arranged location in the desert in New Mexico.

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“The contact lasted for approximately three hours. The Air Force officer managed to exchange basic information with the two aliens.

“This project is continuing at an Air Force base in New Mexico.”

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The documents also highlight other projects, such as Snowbird, which confirms a mission to “test fly a recovered alien aircraft”. A note at the bottom of the page states that the declassified version of the formerly “top secret” document has an authenticity probability of “90%”.

Previously similar documents have been partially ruled as “bogus” by the FBI, but no comments have yet been made on the latest bombshell leaks.

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