US government has ‘UFO crash site debris’ that’s been ‘locked away for years’

The US government is holding evidence of UFO debris despite a task force's claims in Congress that they have none in their possession, a journalist has claimed.

The world watched expectantly recently as the US Congress took part in a rare hearing, discussing the information that the government currently holds on extraterrestrial activity.

But, with some US politicians calling for US defence chiefs to take UFO sightings more seriously, some were left unsatisfied by the lack of clear answers offered by Congress.

Among the attendees was Leslie Kean, a journalist who has written for the New York Times and specialises in reporting on UFO phenomena.

Reflecting on the Congress hearing shortly after the event on PodcastUFO with Martin Willis, Leslie suggested that some information had been held back.

Leslie was asked by the host whether, during the Congress debate, the committee claimed that there had been no retrieval of crash material of UFOs.

“They did, they said, ‘not in our possession, not in the possession of the task force’. Well, yeah, you can be sure that if these things exist they’re not sitting there in the office of the task force. They’re in a deeply buried special access programme,” she responded.

“That doesn’t mean we don’t have it, that just means the task force doesn’t have it.”

In fact, Leslie acknowledged that the task force had not existed until recently – the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force was announced in 2020 – and claimed that this might be the reason for their lack of information.

“If we have any retrieved crafts, retrieved debris or whatever, we’ve had it for longer than that, so it’s already locked up somewhere,” she added.

“If it exists, and I believe that it does. I believe that our government does possess some physical evidence, lots of sources have told me that and there have actually been briefings that have been conducted by the AATIP program for members of Congress and others basically discussing that.

“So it’s pretty highly likely that they do have stuff, and I think that’s becoming more and more clear as time goes on.”

However, Leslie accepted that questions remain surrounding what exactly this alleged UFO material might represent, and acknowledged that it isn’t necessarily extraterrestrial matter.

“It may not be from another planet, either. We don’t know where these things are from,” she admitted. “We just have no idea, it’s such a huge mystery.”

“It’s hard to put all the pieces together of what we know about this phenomenon and have them all make sense.”

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