US fighter jet pilots say Pentagon UFOs could be ‘black project spy planes’

Two former US Navy aviators believe they have cracked the UFO mystery.

Footage and images have emerged from US military sources in recent years , showing bizarre aircraft that seem to defy all the rules of flight.

Now former fighter pilots Ward 'Mooch' Carroll and Brian 'Sunshine' Sinclair have come together to explain the baffling sightings in the skies above America.

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Ward said that, given the wealth of footage from several different US military sources, there is little doubt that the UAP sightings are genuine.

Once that’s accepted, he believes there are three possible explanations: they are either foreign technology, aliens, or secret US technology.

“I don’t think it's foreign technology,” he said in a new podcast, “because if it was foreign technology we would already know about it and we would have already flagged it as a threat."

While he can’t definitively rule out extraterrestrials, he pointed out there is yet to be any official evidence.

He continued: “Every time we thought there were aliens, whether it's Bob Lazar or Area 51 there's a perfectly good explanation."

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The reason for the secret base at Area 51 is “actually better than the alien story,” he added. “People who saw aliens UFOs during those years actually were witness to test points of the development U2 and the A12 [spy planes].”

And that fact brings in Ward’s third option. “That is an Ultra black American developmental test program that maybe even defies the laws of Newtonian physics,” he explained.

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It’s so secret that even quite senior military commanders don’t know about it.

Drawing on his years of experience of military aviation, Ward’s friend Brian Sinclair has a reasonably clear idea of what UAPs are, and how they achieve their incredible flight characteristics.

He explained: “There's a lot of stuff that is completely in the theoretical realm … they used to call it electrogravitics, which is kind of a misnomer from the 1920s, or so and it's more appropriately called an ionic wind”.

Some expert witnesses have observed UFOs that appear to be a cube encased in a clear ball.

Brian continued: “Imagine that each of those edges of the cube has a high voltage to it so maybe one is plus 20,000 volts and another edge on the other side is minus 20,000 volts.

‘What will happen is you have something called coronal discharge – basically you start to ionise some of the molecules in the air.

“In 2018 MIT came up with this ionic wind propulsion. It’s basically solid state propulsion and they proved it on a very miniature scale they had basically a giant glider as in a a glider about two feet long and they basically energised and ionise the air.”

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A full-sized version of MIT’s glider could potentially be able to fly in much the same way that the UFOs caught on camera might have been.

He pointed out the super-secret F117A Nighthawk was kept completely under wraps until they were needed during the first Gulf War.

It had been in service for seven years at that point, and under development for over a decade.

Some future conflict may prove the trigger for the Pentagon to unveil its highly advanced, almost untraceable “Tic Tac”.

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