US Army sent commandos ‘to murder Bigfoot family for tests’, conspiracists say

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The US Army tracked a family of Bigfoot before murdering them and taking them back to a base for examination, sasquatch fanatics have claimed.

On the unofficial Bigfoot Reddit page -a site that is among the most openly deranged on the internet – one monster hunter claimed that they had heard of the claims on a new documentary.

Titled 'A flash of beauty, Bigfoot revealed', the documentary allegedly looked into reports that a special forces team had carried out the killing close to Patterson air force base in Ohio.

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The post read: "In the new Bigfoot movie 'a flash of beauty, big foot revealed' there is a section where they talk about the military getting involved to track Bigfoot.

"The guy who was blacked out for privacy in the movies said that a special forces team tracked a family of Bigfoot and killed them because they were dangerous and took them back to right Patterson Air Force Base."

Naturally, the claims drew much scepticism from the famously pessimistic sasquatch community.

One said: "A young Lieutenant was quoted: 'We can’t keep the privates from telling their stripper girlfriends about an upcoming Op, do you really think they can keep their mouths shut about this?'."

However, there was one veteran who claimed it was plausible.

They said: "We worked on secret stuff in the military. A lot of stuff simply doesn't surface.

"A lot of non-secret stuff never reaches the public's awareness. There's too much going on in the world for that to happen."

Another said: "Having grown up in the area, there has always been stupid rumours about aliens and bigfoot and stuff at that base."

I guess we'll never know (except we definitely do know this didn't happen).


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